Fans & Blowers for Industrial Use

For more than a century R. Williamson & Associates has served industry through a variety of channels. Providing heating, cooling and ventilation solutions in many forms. Exhaust, Intake, Air cleaning and environmental separation, we have provided everything from a basic man cooler fan to the most complex of process air cleaning systems.

Our mission is to provide you, regardless of your industry, with a solution for all of your ventilation needs. Ventilation is necessary in every industry to provide a safe, comfortable and effective work environment for personnel and we are here to make it as easy as possible for you by offering you everything you need under one roof.

Starting at 5″ in diameter ranging to 288″ (24′) in diameter, 50 cfm to 350,000 cfm of heated, cooled, cleaned or circulated air. Also available is everything that you may need to compliment this equipment including noise attenuation, explosion suppression / isolation, filters, ductwork and anything else to complete a ventilation system. Regardless of your application, we have a solution for you.

Below is a list of some of the industries we serve every day.

Manufacturing Industry

Dust, fumes and excess heat are major concerns in the manufacturing industry. Some facilities may require general air circulation, while others are requiring air pollution control systems. An HVLS ceiling fan for circulation, fume or mist collectors for process exhaust, high temperature fans for oven exhaust or gravity powered ridge vents providing natural ventilation, we have them all.  We specialize in air movement and air pollution control equipment for the manufacturing industry. Our objective is to provide safe, clean and breathable air.

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Locomotive & Rail Industry

Locomotives demand a level of reliability that only the highest quality industrial ventilation equipment can provide. The vibrations and heat associated with locomotives create an extreme duty point that few manufacturers can satisfy. R. Williamson & Associates provides the experience, knowledge and ability to satisfy this marketplace.

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Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industries

A sterile environment is of the utmost importance in this industry. The manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceuticals requires high indoor air quality. We offer filters of all MERV ratings, including HEPA. We also provide dust collectors and filter housings with bag-in / bag-out (BIBO) capabilities for sensitive applications. Corrosive duty laboratory exhaust fans, exhaust hoods, air curtain systems for environmental separation and fume extraction arms. 

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Wastewater Treatment Industry

Few environments are as corrosive and as gaseous as a wasterwater treatment plants and sanitary districts. Requiring both fresh intake air and exhaust, we can satisfy both needs. Often required for intake air is make-up air. Exhaust is most often approached with equipment fabricated from Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic ( FRP ),  Polyvinyl Chloride ( PVC ) or Stainless Steel to provide longevity to the equipment. We incorporate fume scrubber and bio-filter systems to remove toxins and odors from the airstream. 

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Power Industry

Power generation stations produce a lot of heat requiring a lot of ventilation to keep generators cool & functioning. Due to the amount of heat generated a we are able to provide a natural exhaust solution using natural convection. Introducing fresh air at lower levels using louvers & dampers while placing ridge vents at the roof we can provide a complete ventilation system requiring no maintenance. 

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Automotive Industry

This industry requires robust equipment to meeting strict automotive duty requirements. Arc flash protection, automotive duty motors and custom controls are all items that are taken into consideration when providing make-up air, exhaust fans, air curtains, heaters and dust collection for this industry. 

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Marine Industry

Ventilation at sea is tough task that we make look easy. The corrosive  properties of salt water require special coatings and materials to ensure longevity of the ventilation equipment. Marine grade materials, inorganic zinc coatings are a couple of the materials we use. Equally important is heavy duty construction to minimize the maintenance requirements. 

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Food Industry

This industry requires sanitary conditions to ensure a healthy end product. R. Williamson & Associates provides products for all facets of a food processing building. Food grade stainless steel fans for process, air curtain systems to separate environments and freezers, multi-stage filtered make-up air w/ UV protection and all levels of MERV filtration to provide the highest indoor air quality. 

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Warehousing & Distribution

Warehouses, distribution centers and logistics centers are all large buildings with tall ceilings and trap hot air at the ceilings. R. Williamson & Associates has the solutions to exhaust that air in the warmer months and reclaim that air in the colder months. Roof Exhausters, HVLS fans, 80/20 recirculation units, air rotation units and man coolers are a few solutions to aid in creating a safe, clean and comfortable space. 

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Oil & Gas Industry

Oil Refineries demand a level of reliability that only the highest quality ventilation equipment can provide. Industrial duty fans  for process and general ventilation. R. Williamson & Associates provides extreme duty fans and blowers suitable for process exhaust, lid raising, make-up air to purge the building or air filtration systems to improve the indoor air quality by removing pollutants. 

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