Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry, whether heavy-duty or light-duty, abounds, with producers ranging from steel rolling mills to woodshops to cosmetic manufacturers.

Small to large production plants are diffused throughout and around business hubs. Manufacturing processes create combustible and nuisance dust, fume and odors, liquid waste streams and oftentimes objectionable noise, all in a varying degree, and are a concern.

Producing a product necessitates airborne waste and particularly airborne dusts, mists and gases. Wood shops, precious metal recovery, welding, bead blasting, machining, acid dip tanks, painting, wood routers, planers, etc., all require good air quality, noise reduction and safe workplaces.

OSHA, EPA and State DEPs are watchdogs, monitoring potential air, water, safety, and noise issues. Respecting and adhering to published Codes and Regulations is a continuing responsibility.