Fans & Blowers

R. Williamson & Associates and We Sell reputation for high quality ventilation equipment is legendary.  It is what we have done for more than 135 years and we offer the most complete lineup of HVLS industrial Fans & Blowers for any of your applications. Fans & Blowers are used everywhere and no other firm provides a more complete offering.

  • General or Process Ventilation
  • Heat Removal
  • General Circulation
  • Conveyance of Air, Gas, Dust, Fumes, Heat, Cooling, Material & More

HVLS Fans & Blowers are an essential part of any building and process. R. Williamson & Associates and its partners have the knowledge and application experience with air moving applications to provide you with innovative, efficient and effective solutions for any of your air handling needs. Categorized by their airflow characteristics, the predominate categories for commercial and industrial fans & blowers are centrifugal and axial flow. Centrifugal fans direct the air at right angles to the airstream as it enters the inlet of the fan and is suited for handling materials in the airstream.  Axial fans move the air along the same axis as the airflow out the outlet of the fan and are applied when moving clean air. We title a third category “Specialty Fans” which include both centrifugal and axial designs used in special applications or specific industries. Specialty and OEM designs are common for us. Recirculating roof ventilators and filtered intake fans are standard products. When you need a fans and blowers in a hurry our Stock Program is there to meet your needs.

  • Big Ceiling Fans
  • High Temperature 
  • Dust Collector Blowers
  • Steel, Stainless Steel, Monel, Aluminum, Plastic & Fiberglass (FRP) construction options
  • Sizes ranging from 5″ to 288″ (24′)