Replacement Air HVAC Solutions

Make-up Air is designed to  replace or “make up” the air in an interior space that has been removed by process and/or general exhaust equipment. This type of HVAC solution pulls in fresh air from outside your building to replace the air that is being exhausted. Our offering of make-up air equipment is as versatile as it is complete. 

While some applications require basic untempered replacement air, others carry a demand for tempered solutions. At we offer both untempered and tempered solutions to satisfy any application. Because every application is a little different we also offer a variety of styles and configurations. Our make-up air can be powered with an axial fan or a centrifugal blower to satisfy a broad range of static pressures. We work with several companies, each providing a unique solution for your unique application.  Our equipment will make your building healthy and efficient again by  eliminating the negative air pressure. No matter what your need, we have a solution to fit it. Our team of experts can assess your application and provide you with the most maintenance friendly solution for your facility.

  • Heating Options: Direct Fired Gas / Indirect Fired Gas / Electric / Steam / Hot Water
  • Cooling Options: DX / Chilled Water / Evaporative Cooling
  • Multiple Mounting Configurations: Horizontal / Vertical / Upblast / Downblast / Indoors / Outdoors
  • Range: 1 cfm thru 250,000 cfm