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Industrial Ventilation Systems

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Make-Up Air Unit

Air handling units, such as make up air, introduce fresh air to every commercial & industrial application. Many models are available, such as electric, direct gas-fired, and indirect gas-fired. Parts like dampers and louvers are available as well.

Air Curtains

Air curtains create safe, comfortable commercial & industrial environments. Air curtains suit restaurants, outdoor or exterior areas, warehouses, distribution centers, and many more applications.

Dust Collectors

Dust collection systems, such as cyclone dust extractor kits, are essential for industrial work environments. Whether collecting welding, laser, or general fumes, a mist collector is imperative.


We supply all required industrial-grade ductwork, fully outfitted with accessories. Our duct fan provides optimized forced air movement scaled to any ventilation system specifications.

Industrial Fans

Whether you’re seeking agricultural exhaust fans, HVLS ceiling fans, or centrifugal fans, we’ve got you covered. We provide commercial roof exhaust fans built by trusted USA manufacturers, ensuring lasting performance for your ventilation needs.

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Commercial Ventilation Equipment

Innovative, Efficient & Effective
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Breathe Easier with Custom-Engineered Air Quality Solutions

We Provide Industrial Ventilation Services

Managing air quality for worker safety and regulatory compliance is full of frustrations.

Designing industrial ventilation systems that fit your environment’s needs can get complex fast. We make air movement second nature; whether your project requires localized fume extraction, facility-wide supply/exhaust upgrades, or custom airflow distribution, our industrial ventilation specialists are available to help.

Our century of ventilation design expertise navigates all your issues:

Uncertain technical specs?

We decode airflow, pressure, and filtration requirements and recommend integrated units custom-designed to your parameters.

Unsure of the best equipment options?

Every site poses unique considerations. Based on your layout, contaminants, and workflow, we consult on selecting appropriate air rotation,  dust collectors, and shop ventilation components.

Tight installation requirements?

Our ventilation design expertise allows us to engineer customized ventilation plans for a wide range of industrial applications.

Whether you are in marine, aviation, manufacturing, food processing, or another sector, we work around obstructions to create systems for your specific needs – from marine ventilation fans and warehouse exhaust units to backdraft dampers and baghouse dust collectors.

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Ventilation Systems

With 135+ years of experience with specialized ventilation systems, we provide complete, custom-engineered shop ventilation solutions for manufacturing, production, processing, and other industrial facilities requiring heavy-duty air movement equipment.


We pride ourselves on maintaining long-lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers. These relationships provide confidence on all sides, allowing every project to run smoothly.

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We offer professional design, installation, and maintenance services for all of our ventilation solutions. We also offer the industry's best warranties to provide you with confidence in your decision.

Fast Lead Times

Our products are made right here in the U.S. Many products are in stock and can be provided in as little as 24 hours to Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. We ship nationwide.

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Get the Ventilation Equipment You Need From Leading Manufacturers

Getting the right industrial ventilation equipment can be complicated – but working with us makes the entire process seamless. As an authorized distributor for top manufacturers, we have exclusive access to an extensive suite of products designed to meet any industrial or commercial application.

Our Promise to You

With decades of hands-on experience, we understand what works. Our team takes the time to listen to your specific ventilation challenges first before making informed recommendations.

We want you to have the right solution the first time, avoiding costly rework – saving you significant time, effort, and peace of mind along the way.

Experience the difference when working with a knowledgeable distributor who is completely focused on delivering ventilation equipment that meets the mark.

We invite you to explore our product catalog today or contact us directly to get started.

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