Canarm Distributor

canarm fansWe are official distributors of Canarm ventilation equipment. Canarm HVAC ventilation equipment is beneficial for commercial and industrial applications.

They offer heavy-duty ventilation equipment up to standards such as Air Movement and Control Association International (AMCA).

Canarm designs and manufactures high-quality industrial-strength ventilation equipment.

  • Canarm offers
  • OEM Blowers
  • Duct Ventilation
  • Air Circulation
  • Mancoolers
  • Other ventilation equipment

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Canarm Products Supplied

Accessories, Motors, Hoods & Roof Curbs

Air Circulation & Mancoolers

Canarm Exhaust Fan

Restaurant Ventilation

Controls & Thermostats

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Roof Mounted Ventilation

Roof Mounted Ventilation

Canarm Official Distributors

canarm DWDI
canarm air purification unit

Canarm Air Purification Unit

SXB Series Belt Drive Wall Fans
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