Commercial Air Curtains

The answer to eliminating cold drafts and/or flying pests each time the door opens is an industrial Air Curtain whether that’s a heated air door or unheated.

Commercial air curtains and commercial air doors create safe, comfortable environments by providing an invisible barrier at the door that separates two environments. A high velocity stream of air spread evenly across an opening will keep the cold air out while allowing you and you customers in. An air curtain over you main entrance can eliminate those cold influxes of air during those winter months and warm influxes during the summer while an air curtain over your receiving door can stop flying pests from entering the building. These are just a couple of examples of what an air curtain can do. These units can be provided with or without heat. An unheated unit is used to protect an opening while a heated unit can provide supplemental heat. 

Industrial Air Curtain Features

  • Heating Options: Electric, Steam, Hot Water, Direct Fired Gas, Indirect Fired Gas

  • Horizontal and/or Vertical mounting arrangements

  • Customer Entrances, Industrial Shipping & Receiving Doors, Cooler & Freezer Doors and more

Industries using Air Curtains

Air curtains and air doors are commonly seen in a variety of different industries due to their pest and temperature control benefits. Some industries that benefit from having these fans includes:

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