Commercial & Industrial Air Curtains

Commercial and Industrial air curtains (also known as air doors) are designed to separate two environments without a physical limitation. Using special fans and nozzles to generate a high velocity stream of air, a literal invisible curtain of air is created to protect an opening. This air curtain allows physical passage through the opening while operating but prevents air, dust, pests, insects and more from penetrating the opening. Air curtains are commonly seen at the front entrances of retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, emergency rooms and office buildings. However, air curtains can provide benefits at the lesser seen areas including loading docks, clean rooms, commercial/industrial freezers, drive thru windows. The serviceable environments are too numerous to list. Simply put, an air curtain creates an invisible wall of air to separate the conditions of any two environments.


Industrial Air Curtains

Industrial air curtains and air doors help maintain safe, sanitary and hygienic environments by creating an invisible barrier at the opening between two areas. By installing an industrial air door over the opening of your loading dock bays or warehouse entrance, you can ensure that you and your staff will be protected from cold influxes of air as well as safe from objectionable fumes and harsh irritants. Our industrial air curtains can be provided with or without heat. Whereas an unheated air curtain is used to protect an opening, a heated air curtain can provide supplemental heat to maintain a comfortable working environment. Additionally, our industrial air curtains can eliminate the need for airlocks by maintaining positive pressure in cleanrooms and can reduce condensation and icing in cold storage environments.

Commercial Air Curtains

Commercial air curtains and air doors create safe, comfortable environments by providing an invisible barrier at the door that separates two environments. A high velocity stream of air spread evenly across an opening will keep the outside air out while allowing you and your customers to experience the ideal indoor temperature for that time of year by eliminating cold and warm influxes of air. Additionally, this invisible barrier of air created by a commercial air curtain restricts insects, dust, and debris from entering restaurants, shopping malls, grocery stores and more. 


Industrial & Commercial Air Curtain Features

Our industrial and commercial air curtains come with a variety of features, providing you with exactly the capabilities and requirements to meet your commercial or industrial air curtain needs. Some of our air curtain features include:

  • Heating Options – Our industrial and commercial air curtains support a variety of heating options, offering electric, steam, and hot water, direct and indirect fired gas heat. Unheated units are also available.
  • Mounting Options – Many of our air doors and air curtains can be installed both horizontally and/or vertically to meet the requirements for your specific application. In addition, our air curtains can be either wall mounted or suspended depending on your needs.
  • Motor Options – We can supply you with a commercial or industrial air curtain with a range horsepower and speed options. Ranging from 1/5 hp to 30 hp we can protect openings from 3’ high to 30’ high. Most air curtains are provided with motors are suitable for variable or multi-speed operation.
  • Digital Control – Most of the air curtains within our commercial/retail offering are furnished with a digital multi-function controller. This control allows for several sequences of operation, temperature control, timed operation, and more.
  • Wireless operation – Most of the air curtains within our commercial/retail offering can be furnished with WIFI – Bluetooth controls. This allows for unit control and programming using your smart device rather than having to physically access the unit.

Industry Uses for Air Curtains & Air Doors

Commercial and industrial air curtains and air doors are commonly seen in a variety of different industries due to their pest, fume, and temperature control benefits. Some industries that benefit from having air curtains installed includes:

  • Retail – Air curtains maintain a comfortable space temperature to a retail space where the doors are opened and closed hundreds of times a day.
  • Restaurants – Air Curtains provide a separation of the inside to the outside, keeping warm air in and cold air out. Additionally, they serve to keep bugs and insects out.
  • Food – The food service industry uses air doors and air curtains to provide facility protection against outside contaminants and bugs.
  • Manufacturing – Air curtains are perfect for separating environments in heavy duty and moisture laden applications while maintaining a quiet and clean environment.
  • Education – Our commercial air curtains provide ideal efficiency levels to provide safe, clean and sanitary air to all areas of an educational building.
  • Warehouses – Our air curtains keep the cold air out resulting in tremendous energy savings.

Why Choose We Sell Fans?

Our industrial air curtains and commercial air doors will make your building healthy and efficient by keeping the outdoors, outdoors. We specialize in environmental separation. No matter your need, we have a solution to fit. Our team of experts can assess your application and provide you with the most maintenance friendly solution for your facility.

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