Industrial Air Curtain

Available in both belt-drive and direct-drive models, industrial air curtains are applied in distribution centers, manufacturing plants and even semi-conductor industry to keep temperatures stable and flying insects out when the doors are open.

Interested in adding more heat to your application? Industrial air curtains are ready with heat, including direct-gas and indirect-gas heaters.

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Industrial air curtains supply a lot more benefits aside from making a permeable barrier for ease of access (study). By installing air curtains, you are creating an environment that reduces toxins, bacteria, pollutants, and helps reduce odors.

Industrial air doors are useful in ensuring that harmful fumes or harsh irritants don’t affect staff. Many industrial areas require the use of harsh chemicals or create a lot of dust. By supplying industrial air doors, you can keep these fumes and particles out of the area.

They also provide a unique benefit for businesses that utilize airlocks for separating departments. By installing a unit, a company can maintain positive pressure within clean rooms, and reduce condensation in large storage areas.

Some of the unique applications and how industrial air curtains have benefited:

Outdoor & Exterior Air Curtains

overdoor air curtainOutdoor air curtains are perfect for areas that allow people to sit indoors, but the windows and doors are kept open. Without an outdoor air curtain, however, there is the issue with nearby traffic emissions, general pollution, and insects.

With an outdoor air curtain you seal off the area when the windows and doors are opened. Exterior air curtains help seal off the air that keeps out unwanted pollutants.

Having large doors open helps with the ventilation. Industrial air doors keep a nice invisible partition to separate the two areas. This is all while remaining inviting to customers and allowing employees to move freely, which increases productivity.

Cold storage and Walk-in Freezers

An industrial air curtain designed for cold storage can control the vast difference between the internal and external temperatures. Improper calibration can cause frost buildup and unwanted moisture.

Every application is unique, so a trained professional should be able to assess your needs. They need to examine such factors such as what is being stored, temperatures on both sides of the door, and even how often the door opens.

Industrial Air Curtain Sizes

Industrial applications not only use different engineering standards variations of the air door, but the most obvious is the size.

Typical sizes for industrial air curtains:

  • 72″
  • 96″
  • 120″
  • 144″
  • 168 inches

Industrial air curtain units are available in widths up to 20 feet wide and configured to be placed effectively end-to-end. Installation of these industrial air door may require additional support structures.

Industrial Air Curtain Features

Heavy duty industrial air curtains offer a number of key benefits over standard commercial air curtains. They keep employees comfortable while stopping bugs, dust, debris, and untempered air. When properly mounted, an industrial air curtain can stop winds up to 25 mph.


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