Restaurant Air Curtains

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Restaurant air curtains are indispensable. They help keep the dining area, kitchen, and drive-thru separate with an invisible barrier.

In busy dining areas, doors open often, letting out cool air and letting pests in. This can spoil the customer experience.

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The restaurant air doors also keep pleasant aromas inside the dining area, making it more enjoyable.

In restaurant kitchens, air curtains are like a barrier against flies and bugs. They stop harmful contaminants from getting to the food, ensuring your establishment stays up to code.

Watch Air Curtains Prevent Smoke Entering a Restaurant

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Drive-Thru Air Curtains

If your restaurant has a drive-thru window, then an air curtain is necessary.

Not only to keep temperatures separate, but the air curtain in a drive-thru window keeps the outside exhaust and pollutants from potentially coming inside and contaminating food, causing unpleasant odors.

Drive-thru air curtains manufactured by Burner work by generating a continuous flow of air over your window. They are optimized for 26″ wide doors with a maximum height of 3 feet. 

Heated Drive-Thru Air Curtain Features

  • Built in the USA
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • UL approved for indoor and outdoor use
  • Meets OSHA requirements for workers near carbon monoxide
  • Prevents soda machine and workers from freezing
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • 120-volt operation
  • Heated air for added comfort on cold days
  • Standard 3-prong power line
  • Includes universal mounting brackets.
  • NSF compliant

Air Curtains for Food Service

Food service stands to benefit from air curtains for a variety of reasons. Consistent temperatures and flying pest control Both of these benefits ensure that the produce will stay fresh, salable, and inviting for longer.

In the food service industry, an air curtain can provide tremendous value over time.

Not only by reducing energy costs but also by keeping pests and pathogens away from food products in the grocery store and even grocery distribution centers.

Also available are air curtains with ETL sanitation certifications (more info at intertek site) for food service applications.

Food Safety First

In a commercial kitchen, air doors play an important role in keeping the environment clean and comfortable. At our company, we take pride in prioritizing food safety. That’s why we supply air curtains that meet NSF pest requirements, so our clients can stay compliant with food safety regulations.


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Curbing Loss Through Doors: Options to Temper Restaurant Entryways

A basic restaurant air curtain provides an untempered stream of air to protect an opening. This works very well, but in colder climates, an commercial overhead door heater can offer the benefit of supplemental heat. When used as supplemental heating, an it has a powerful heater and air recirculation tool that reduces the central HVAC system load. Several methods of tempering air are available, which include:

You can learn more about the different way air is tempered in an air curtains here.

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