Low Profile Air Curtain

low profile air curtain

A low profile air curtain manufactured from Berner is a great answer for companies looking for an effective technique to separate two areas. They are rated to be able to replace or  improve the functionality of a vestibule.

They are designed to meet the functional needs of an application and seamlessly integrate into a space. As the term suggests, low profile air curtains are less intrusive than most air curtains and can blend into the design of the environment.

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While appealing aesthetically, low profile air curtains are quite slim and accomplishes its task of keeping unconditioned air out.

When mounted at 7’ or lower it prevents pests from entering. This leads to increased employee satisfaction and customer comfort. Low profile heated air curtains are especially effective at saving energy.

Ideal Applications:

Standard Features

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Low Profile Air Curtain Configurations


Suitable if the door is left open for an extended period of time and there is not a large amount of traffic.


Recommended for high traffic openings.

Contact us if interested in connecting the air curtain if interested in connecting the air curtain to the Building Automation System (BAS) in or to control the unit.

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Architectural Air Curtains

archtiectural air curtainArchitectural air curtains are for architects and designers who are focused on aesthetics as well as functionality. Typically placed over the main entrance where design matters, architectural air curtains are designed to fit seamlessly into the space.

Used to elevate the functionality of a vestibule and in other cases completely replace them. The main objective is to save energy when the door is open. They protect the interior comfort and IAQ.

Architectural air curtains are quiet and technically advanced. Control the air curtain with a dedicated app. The app supports both iOS & Android.

When the main door is open, architectural air curtains create a healthy and comfortable environment all while saving energy and looking aesthetically pleasing. These air curtains are AMCA certified to meet ASHRAE 90.1 (Wiki), 189.1 & IECC 2015 energy codes allowing them to replace vestibules.

Architectural air curtains can be mounted from 7’ to 12’. Depending on the needs of the application.

Recessed Air Curtain

recessed air curtain

Recessed air curtains mount flush with the ceiling and expose only the aluminum exterior. For aesthetic purposes, recessed air curtains protect indoor air quality while maintaining a seamless look inside the space. These types are also known as invisible air curtains due to the box being concealed in the ceiling.

Like the other types of unique air curtains these automatic air curtains can be configured to work with an application or programmed.

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