Berner CLC08-1036AA

Unheated 36" Air Curtain

Commercial Series Air Curtain

(Includes unit mounted switches & 120v automatic door switch)


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Berner CLC08-1036AA 36″ Air Curtain Specifications
Commercial Series
Heat Type
Unheated / Ambient
120 Volts
Max Height Environmental Separation
Max Height Fly Repellant
36.06 in
8.5 in
13.5 in
Outdoor / Exterior
Indoor / Interior
5 Years

Berner CLC08-1036AA 36" Air Curtain
Product Description

Berner CLC08 36″ Air Curtain: Compact, Low-Profile Solution for Tight Spaces

The Berner CLC08 36″ Commercial Low Profile 8 Air Curtain is a compact yet powerful solution for businesses looking to maintain a comfortable environment, improve energy efficiency, and enhance food safety in spaces with limited clearance above the opening.

With its sleek, low-profile design and efficient performance, this air curtain is perfect for main entrances, indoor/outdoor bars, and walk-in coolers in smaller areas.

Berner CLC08 36″ Air Curtain Key Benefits

  • Space-saving design: With a height of only 8 1/2″, the Berner CLC08 36″ Air Curtain is ideal for openings with restricted clearance, requiring a minimum of just 9.5″ above the door.
  • Versatile applications: It is suitable for mounting heights up to 8′ for environmental separation and seven feet tall for insect control, making it perfect for various business needs in tight spaces.
  • Energy savings: When used over walk-in coolers, this air curtain helps reduce compressor run times, resulting in significant energy cost savings, even in smaller coolers.
  • Enhanced food safety: By maintaining a consistent temperature and preventing airborne contaminants from entering compact walk-in coolers, the Berner CLC08 36″ Air Curtain improves food safety and protects against spoilage.
  • Customizable appearance: It is available in a white or black powder-coated exterior, with optional custom colors or stainless steel finish to seamlessly match your business’s aesthetic, even in smaller spaces.


  • Compact main entrances: This creates an inviting atmosphere for customers while keeping outdoor air, dust, and insects at bay, even in spaces with limited clearance.
  • Small indoor/outdoor bars: Have the bar maintain a pleasant environment for patrons and staff while saving energy and improving comfort in tight bar spaces.
  • Compact walk-in coolers: Reduce energy costs, enhance food safety, and protect against spoilage by maintaining consistent temperatures and preventing airborne contaminants from entering smaller coolers.
  • Tight service entrances: Even with restricted clearance, maintain a comfortable environment and prevent energy loss in compact areas with frequent deliveries or high foot traffic.
  • Small concession and booth windows: Provide a comfortable, pest-free environment for staff and customers while saving energy in compact spaces.

Key Takeaways of Berner 36” Commercial Air Curtain

The Berner CLC08 36″ Commercial Low Profile 8 Air Curtain is a powerful, space-saving solution for businesses looking to improve comfort, energy efficiency, and food safety in compact areas with limited clearance. Its low-profile design, versatile applications, and customizable appearance make it an ideal choice for tight spaces, from small main entrances to compact walk-in coolers.

Don’t let restricted clearance in smaller spaces hinder your business’s comfort, energy savings, or food safety. Invest in the Berner CLC08 36″ Air Curtain and experience the benefits of a comfortable, energy-efficient, and safe environment, even in compact areas with limited height.

Contact R. Williamson & Associates today to learn how this low-profile air curtain can help your business thrive in small spaces.

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