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Providing a complete line of the best industrial blowers, aka blower fans, for industrial applications.

As official suppliers of industry leading blower manufacturers, you can trust in us to receive heavy-duty ventilation equipment that is guaranteed by best in its class warranties all while offering excellent customer support.

In this article we’ll be using the terms industrial blower, industrial blower fan, and centrifugal blower interchangeably since they are typically the same, it essentially depends on the application.

Many blower fans fall under the classification of industrial blowers, industrial fan blower, industrial fans and industrial ventilation fans. They are typically the same, but the biggest difference when using any of these terms is what the purpose of the blower or for what application it will be used for.

Centrifugal blowers are the workhorse of the ventilation industry. They are among the most versatile and efficient air ventilation equipment. They are typically quiet and dependable.

Centrifugal fans are designed to work in various working environments and for different applications as you will discover below.


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Looking for Industrial Fans?

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How Do Centrifugal Blower Fans Work?

There are various types of blower fans. Each type of ventilation blower is suitable for a specific operation. Unlike the more common axial blower, a centrifugal blower fan has many small blades attached to a ring, which forms an impeller. When the ring assembly rotates these little blades push air away from the center, and that creates a low-pressure area in the center.

Therefore, air is drawn into the impeller parallel to the axis of rotation. Once inside the wheel it turns 90 degrees and then shoots off the wheel in a 360 degree pattern (source).

Click here to understand how centrifugal blower fans work.

Official Representatives

We are official distributors of the manufactures listed below. As official representatives, we’ll be happy to help explain the best industrial blower fan for your application. Contact us for a quote or any information regarding their products.

Types of Blowers

Industrial Blowers are different from axial fans due to the way they move air. Centrifugal blowers are like industrial blowers because they have 1 of 7 types of wheels or blades that take in the air into the inlet of the blower housing section.

This is different from an axial or industrial axial because they use a propeller to bring in the air into its housing section.

With an industrial or centrifugal blower the air is sucked in through a wheel. It’s then dispersed at a 90 degree angle through the discharge encasement.

Axial fans release air in the same axial direction, that is, at 90 degrees through the encasement. To put it simply, fans move air with the use of propellers. Blowers move air using a wheel type design.

Blowers typically fall under the umbrella of industrial cooling fans, industrial exhaust fans, industrial fan blowers, industrial ventilation fans, and most commonly referred to as industrial fans. However, whatever a person calls them, they are essentially the same. The most important factor one must consider when talking about an industrial blower is what type of application it will be used for.

The aforementioned list of industrial equipment typically fall under the 2 main categories: Centrifugal or Axial.

Although the word industrial in regard to fan is used quite loosely, it’s meant to portray that the construction or build of the fan is made of more durable parts.

This is to allow the industrial blower to be used in heavy duty industrial operations. That is why industrial blowers use larger shafts, thicker material, better quality bearings that can stand the test of time.

Perhaps most importantly, industrial blowers use corrosion resistant materials that can withstand high temperatures compared to your typical commercial heating, venting and air conditioning (HVAC) fans.

Types of Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal Ventilator

Centrifugal Fans

Custom Blowers

Centrifugal Exhaust Blowers

The divergent fumes fans incorporate both direct and belt drive choices with streamlined in backward incline blades that aerodynamic vent limiting framework impacts.

The driver on the blades are out of the airstream. These fan blades are appropriate for applications extending from a large open structures to exhaust hood fumes and especially kitchen contaminates.

These are just a few of the different types of industrial blowers we offer.

Depending on the application, we will help you choose the most effective, yet efficient blower to get the job accomplished.

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Want to Learn More about Centrifugal Fans?

Click below to see an article written about understanding centrifugal fans. The article goes a bit more in depth about different centrifugal blower fans, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Blower Fan Drive Systems

There are many other factors to consider when deciding which type of blower to install. However, fans have 2 main drive systems.

Direct Drive

Direct drive blowers are more cost effective and usually used in smaller blowers. Using less parts makes them easy to assemble and repair, which in turn makes them easier to maintain. 

Direct drive fans are more efficient since there is no drive loss.

Belt Drive

Typically used in larger blowers because they offer more versatility when matching airflow requirements that have a variable pitch motor and pulley system.

Some belt drive systems have variable frequency, which makes them as versatile as direct drive blowers.

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Industrial Blower Manufactures

hartzell industrial fans

Hartzell Air Movement

airpro industrial fans

AirPro Fans & Blowers

Envira North Fans

Envira North

plastec fans

Plastec Ventilation

soler polau ventilation

S&P Ventilation

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