Bubble Tight Damper

bubble tight damperThe importance of bubble-tight dampers is more significant than ever. They act as crucial shut-off valves in industrial applications, ensuring the lowest possible leakage ratio and maintaining a zero-leakage damper status.

Beyond controlling the temperature of a building, the bubble tight isolation damper perform an essential function in toxic air removal, providing an often overlooked but crucial line of defense in fire protection. This capability is invaluable in creating safer, more comfortable spaces within commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.

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Construction & Design of Bubble Tight Isolation Damper

Bubble tight isolation dampers are custom-engineered to meet your unique application needs, demonstrating robustness and precision. Undergoing rigorous testing, they conform to stringent standards such as ASME AG-1 Class Zero leakage.

Material Used 

The blade shafts are sealed with a replaceable external shaft seal, fostering optimal performance and reducing maintenance. The blade/shaft attachment uses a floating pivot joint for optimal blade/gasket seating and prohibits binding. The innovative one-piece silicone sponge seat gasket design is low-maintenance and prevents blade/gasket compression when damper blades are open, a solution to a common leakage issue in other models.

Sizes & Dimensions

Whether single or multi-blade, our dampers withstand up to 40 w.g.” of standard static pressure, with higher pressure models available. Manual, pneumatic, or electric actuator options, rapid close models, and complete environmental qualifications, including seismic impacts, offer flexibility and robustness.

Design Elements & their Purposes

Key features include low-pressure drop, compatibility with solenoid valves or limit switches, and options for different blade seal types. All dampers comply with our rigorous Quality Assurance program, and necessary welding and inspections follow AWS and/or ASME standards.

Custom-built bubble-tight isolation dampers provide a specialized solution, operating with 20 PSI instrument air for significant engineering savings. Our bubble tight dampers encapsulate superior design, innovative engineering, and high safety standards, showcasing our commitment to industry excellence.

Defying the ordinary, bubble tight dampers achieve the extraordinary: a perfect zero-leakage seal. They not only enhance air quality but also safeguards workplaces, bringing a revolution in industrial safety and efficiency.

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How to Choose the Right Isolation Damper

Choosing the right isolation bubble-tight damper for your application involves careful consideration of several factors:

  1. Understanding Your Application: The first step to choosing the right bubble tight damper is understanding the specific requirements of your application. This includes the nature of the environment in which the damper will operate, the degree of air leakage that can be tolerated, and the type of contaminants that might be present and if present in high temperature environment.
  2. Pressure Requirements: Consider the maximum static pressure your damper needs to handle. Our standard models can withstand up to 40 w.g.”, with options for higher pressure models.
  3. Sealing Requirements: For applications demanding zero leakage, a bubble tight damper is a perfect fit. They’re designed to eliminate any fluid leakage around the blade edges when in the closed position.
  4. Actuation Needs: Depending on your application, you may require manual, pneumatic, or electric actuators. Understand your operational requirements to select the right type of actuator.
  5. Environmental Qualifications: If your dampers need to operate under harsh environmental conditions, ensure they’re qualified accordingly. Our bubble tight dampers are qualified for complete environmental conditions, including seismic impacts.
  6. Additional Features: Determine whether you require any additional features, such as solenoid valves or limit switches. Consider if you need rapid close models, and what type of blade seals are most suitable for your application.
  7. Quality and Safety Standards: Choose a bubble tight damper that is manufactured in accordance with strict quality assurance programs and follows established safety standards.
  8. Custom Solutions: If your application has unique requirements, consider custom-built bubble tight dampers. For instance, our custom dampers can operate with 20 PSI instrument air, providing significant engineering savings.

By considering these factors and consulting with a trusted supplier, you can ensure that you choose a bubble tight damper that is well-suited to your specific needs, contributing to the safety, efficiency, and reliability of your operations.

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Beyond the Bubble: Concluding Remarks on the Impact and Importance of Bubble Tight Dampers  

Our knowledge of bubble tight dampers, from the basic definitions to the fine details of their operation, enables us to appreciate the crucial role they play in various applications.

These isolation bubble tight dampers are more than just air regulation devices; they are guardians of the indoor environment, ensuring that air quality is maintained, and safety standards are upheld.

Recap of the Importance and Use

Bubble-tight dampers, with their capability to achieve zero leakage, have become an essential component in industries ranging from HVAC systems to nuclear containment facilities.

Their innovative design prevents operational failure, guarantees a long lifespan, and allows for efficient, straightforward maintenance. The adherence to strict safety standards, such as those of AWS, ASME, and IEEE, testifies to their suitability for use in critical applications.

Their versatility is reflected in the array of models available, such as single-blade and multi-blade bubble tight dampers, or custom-built dampers to meet unique operational requirements.


A bubble tight damper is a heavy-duty industrial device designed to provide near-zero leakage control of air or gas flow within an HVAC or process control system. It employs a seal, usually made of silicone, that closes off ductwork entirely when the damper is in the shut position. This characteristic makes them essential for applications requiring stringent air or gas isolation, such as in wastewater treatment facilities and hazardous chemical processing plants.

An isolation damper main function is to control or block the flow of air or gas within the ductwork or between different sections of the system. This comes in handy when you need to perform maintenance, reduce energy loss, or control environmental conditions in specific areas.


A bubble valve, commonly referred to as a bubble tight damper, works on the principle of creating an airtight seal within a system to prevent the passage of air or gas. Here’s how it works:

  1. Open Position: When the system is running and flow is needed, the damper is in an open position. The damper blades, attached to a rotating shaft, are parallel to the flow, allowing the air or gas to pass through the ductwork.
  2. Closed Position: When the damper needs to stop the flow, an actuator (which could be manual, pneumatic, or electric) rotates the damper’s blades to a closed position, perpendicular to the flow. The edges of the blades press against a silicone rubber seal.
  3. Bubble Tight Seal: The damper’s blades and the silicone seal create an extremely tight, bubble-tight seal. The seal is so tight that it can hold against a specific pressure without allowing any air or gas to leak out, effectively achieving zero leakage.

It’s this ability to provide a perfect seal, even under pressure, that gives the bubble tight damper its name and makes it a preferred choice for applications requiring high-integrity isolation.


Types of Industrial Dampers

Industrial Bubble-Tight Damper Manufacturers

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