Pharmaceutical &
Biotech Dust Filtration

Dust Collectors for Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical & Biotech industry demands a level of reliability that only the highest quality industrial ventilation equipment can provide. Providing a clean, stable & breathable environment is of utmost importance.

R & D (Research & Development), manufacturing or trial testing of drugs, each process carries unique demands for safe handling. With the potential corrosives, bio-hazards and filtration requirements this creates a duty point that few manufacturers can satisfy. Add in the close governing by regulatory agencies mandating code compliance for environmental hygiene and safety including noise, clean air and explosion suppression, and you have a truly unique environment.

R. Williamson & Associates provides these industries with HEPA dust collectors and filter housings for pharmaceutical inndustries. We are experienced and knowledgable in the industry an can help you with your application.

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Lab hoods & corrossive duty

Air movement & fume scrubbers

Environment Separation

pest Control

Air curtains
air doors
door heaters

process Fans

process Conveying

Warehouse Air Distribution

Big HVLS ceiling fans

Heavy Duty dust collectors

cartridge & baghouse style dust collectors


Filters ranging from Merv 4 thru merv 17
panel filters
cartidge filters
hepa filters



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