Industrial Natural Ventilation Systems

Natural air ventilation is the evacuation of hot air and fumes directly through an opening in the ceiling. Utilizing the natural convection properties of process heat and the corresponding negative pressures created we can provide a natural ventilation solution. The roof or ceiling opening is covered by a weatherproof ventilator, and air-flow is supported by fresh intake air at the floor level. The floor level intake air can be supported using existing openings or can be facilitated through a series of louvers and dampers. These natural air ventilation systems create a cooler and more comfortable building with no operating costs or energy consumption.

Benefits of Natural Ventilation

Our team of experts can assess your application and provide your with the most maintenance free and greenest solution that will not only reduce, but eliminate ventilation costs and provide LEED credits to your facility. Some of the benefits of our natural ventilation systems include:

  • No Motors
  • No Moving Parts
  • No Maintenance

Industries Using Passive Ventilation

We supply our systems to a variety of different industrial and commercial facilities. These systems are a natural way of improving air quality within buildings. Some industries are using natural ventilation include:

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