Electrostatic Precipitator Dust Collector

Electrostatic Precipitators dust collectors, also known as electronic filters, use positive and negative charges to collect material creating a virtual dust magnet. Dust is drawn through a ionizing section where it is introduced to an ionizing section and receives a positive charge.

Immediately beyond the ionizing section is a system of positive and negatively charged plates. The positive plates repel the positively charged particles while the negative plates attract them. The dust is then attached to the negative plates like a magnet.

The greatest benefit to this system is that it does not care what moves through it, big or small, whatever the material it will receive a positive charge and collect to negative plates. These units work incredibly well with smoke and oil.

Automatic cleaning systems are available for larger scale systems. Electrostatic Precipitator cleaning efficiencies vary widely based on the depth of the collection plates but can be as high as 99%. 

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What are the benefits of Electrostatic Precipitators dust collectors?

Electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) are dust collection systems that are very effective and can remove more than 99% of fine particles from an industrial process.

They are often used in power plants and other industrial places to remove particles from flue gases or other exhaust streams. The main benefits of ESPs are that they are very effective, last a long time, and don’t need much maintenance.

Additionally, Electrostatic precipitator dust collectors do not generate any secondary pollutants and have low energy consumption.

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