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An air curtain, also called an air door, makes an invisible door that separates the ideal temperatures inside and outside.

They keep air from coming in through an open door by adding a fast-moving, streamlined air stream.

By creating an air partition between two areas, it prevents outdoor air from entering and indoor air from escaping.

This helps the HVAC system work more efficiently by protecting the air conditioned facilities. This in turn reduces overall energy costs (scientific study).

The latest technology allows air doors to work systematically and maintain the optimum balance between velocity & volume. Having an optimized balance allows air doors to operate at a more comfortable sound level.

Air Door Stopping Smoke!

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Choosing the Right Air Curtain for Your Application

When choosing the best air curtain for your application, there are several important points to consider:

Heat Sources in Air Curtains

There are several types of air curtains, and each heating source one has its own unique benefits and drawbacks. 

Let’s explore some of the differences between these types.

Direct Gas-Fired Air Curtains

Direct gas air curtains directly heat the stream. They heat quickly, which makes them ideal for structures that need heat quickly.

Indirect Gas-Fired Air Curtains

With an indirect gas-fired air curtain, a gas flame warms the exchange. Air flows over the exchanger and into the area while it is being heated.

These units are ideal for locations where a safer and more energy-efficient method of heating a room is required. Especially when there are occupants in the building.

Steam & Hot Water

Air curtains that use steam or water as a heat source work best in areas with access to running water.

They heat up quickly and efficiently, so many industrial facilities prefer to use them.

Electric Air Curtains

Electric air curtains are great for almost any application. This is due to their low initial cost. They are also low-maintenance, and when they do require it, it’s less cumbersome than steam or indirect gas-fired variations.

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Air Door Features

Air curtains have a lot of different features that let you get exactly what you need to meet your needs.

Blocking Pests with Air Curtains

Pests and insects can make customers, clients, and employees uncomfortable. Bugs can also contaminate goods in a wide range of industries.

Instead of harsh fumes, air curtains can prevent staff from being harmed by bugs without chemicals.

Looking for Restaurant Air Curtains?

Air Curtain Sizes

The most common sizes for a standard air curtain are:

  • 36″
  • 40″
  • 48″
  • 60″

Of course, these are the most common sizes requested. We offer customized air curtains upon request.

Air Curtain Manufacturers

We are proud to be the official representatives of Berner Air Curtains, the leading air curtain manufacturer in the USA. Berner has been selling its products all over the world since 1956. The company is based in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Berner provides a two-year limited warranty for their air doors.

Williamson & Associates has been named Berner’s Reps of the Year for three consecutive years. We will be happy to assist with any inquiries regarding their products.

Air Door Specialists

We can also send a trained air-door specialist to look at the situation and make sure you get the right unit for your needs.

We test each model where it will be used to see how much it will cost and how efficient it will be.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. By creating an air partition between two areas, it prevents outdoor air from entering and indoor air from escaping. This in turn saves energy and reduces overall costs.

Yes, air curtains are extremely effective for what they are designed to do. They create an invisible wall of air between two areas. This helps the HVAC system work less. Thus, reducing energy costs. They prevent bugs, flies, dust, and other unwanted contaminants from entering. 


They are used for reducing energy costs and keeping unwanted contaminants out. Especially useful in areas where doors remain open.


Yes. Most flies and bugs cannot penetrate the air curtain’s air pressure.

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