Berner SHD07-1036AA

Unheated 36" Air Curtain

Sanitation Certified Air Curtain

(Includes 120v automatic door switch)

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Berner SHD07 36 Air Curtain Specifications
Sanitation Certified
Heat Type
Unheated / Ambient
120 Volts
Max Height Environmental Separation
Max Height Fly Repellant
36.06 in”
14.09 in”
14.53 in”
Outdoor / Exterior
Indoor / Interior
5 Years

Berner SHD07 36 Air Curtain
Product Description

Berner SHD07 36″ Air Curtain: Compact, NSF-Certified Solution for Food Service Sanitation

When maintaining a hygienic environment in restaurants and commercial kitchens, the Berner SHD07 36″ Sanitation Certified High Performance 7 Air Curtain is the go-to choice for discerning professionals.

This compact yet powerful air curtain is designed to meet the most stringent food service standards and health department requirements while effectively controlling flying insects when doors are open.

Key Advantages of Berner SHD07 36″ Air Curtain

  • NSF-certified hygiene: With an EPH Listing to ANSI/NSF-37, this air curtain ensures the highest level of sanitation, meeting the demands of even the most rigorous food service environments.
  • Effective insect control: Engineered for mounting heights up to 7′, the Berner SHD07 36″ Air Curtain creates a powerful barrier that keeps flying pests out of your kitchen or service area.
  • Outdoor-ready toughness: UL Listed for Outdoor Use, this air curtain is built to withstand the elements, making it perfect for outdoor service entries and kitchen doors.
  • Customizable look: Choose from a sleek white or black powder-coated exterior to seamlessly integrate the air curtain into your kitchen’s aesthetic.
  • User-friendly operation: Designed for easy installation, operation, and maintenance, the Berner SHD07 36″ Air Curtain ensures hassle-free performance in even the busiest kitchens.


  • Compact restaurant kitchens: Maintain a sanitary environment and keep flying insects out of your kitchen, even in smaller spaces.
  • Outdoor service entries: Protect your kitchen from flying pests and maintain a comfortable environment for staff, even when doors are frequently opened.
  • Small food processing areas: Protect sensitive food preparation zones from airborne contaminants and flying insects, upholding the highest sanitation standards.
  • Compact catering facilities: Ensure a hygienic environment and prevent flying insects from compromising food quality and safety during events, even in smaller venues.

Key takeaways of Berner SHD07 36″ Air Curtain

When you need a compact, NSF-certified air curtain that delivers powerful performance and uncompromising sanitation, the Berner SHD07 36″ Sanitation Certified High Performance 7 Air Curtain is the choice.

Its effective insect control, outdoor-ready toughness, and user-friendly operation make it the perfect solution for restaurants, commercial kitchens, and food service professionals who demand the best.

Don’t let flying insects and airborne contaminants compromise your kitchen’s hygiene. Trust the Berner SHD07 36″ Air Curtain to provide the NSF-certified protection, reliable performance, and peace of mind you need to focus on creating exceptional culinary experiences.

Contact R. Williamson & Associates today to discover how this compact, high-performance air curtain can elevate your food service operation to new heights of sanitation and success.

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