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aget dust collectionR. Williamson & Associates is a principal provider of industrial dust collection and mist collection equipment in the Chicago area. AGET Manufacturing has designed and manufactured dust collectors and mist collectors since 1938.

Since 1938, AGET has been working to refine their products engineered to remove dust created by casting, grinding and finishing operations carried out in manufacturing plants all over the world.

Today, that passion has resulted in over 600 models ranging from 1/3 HP to 75 HP units. These models include:

AGET Manufacturing Company Distributors

We are official AGET Manufacturing distributors. As official representatives, we’ll be happy to help explain which dust collector unit is best for your application. Contact us for a quote or any information regarding their products.

Industrial Mist Collectors

cyclone baghouse woodworking
aget cyclone
cyclone works


AGET engineers systems that can endure rugged manufacturing environments. Their expert technicians and quality control teams ensure that each dust collection system can be fully trusted.  They are ideal for a range of applications, including:

AGET Products

Cyclone Dust Collectors

Baghouse After-Filter

Single Machine Dust Collectors

Mist Collectors

Rotary Valves

Downdraft Tables

Engineering & Service Support Services


80+ years of fine-tuning has led AGET to manufacture state-of-the-art ventilation systems with welded construction prepared to meet the most intense industrial settings. Their manufacturing plant is located in Michigan. Features of these air cleaners include:

  • High Efficiency Design
  • Heavy-duty Industrial Grade Construction
  • Spark-Resistant Aluminum Alloy Fan Wheel on Direct Drive Units
  • Bolt-Together Cyclone Construction for Easy Part Replacement
  • Structural Steel Unit Frame and Support Stand
  • Powder Coated Finish

Why R. Williamson & Associates?

Both the teams at R. Williamson & Associates and AGET are experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Whatever the need may be, we will do everything within our power to supply and exceed your expectations. AGET is determined to produce excellent equipment that stays true to their vision. They seek to supply effective, time-saving solutions for their clients. This has prompted many customers to switch over to their ventilation systems. From product selection to providing installation solutions, R. Williamson & Associates is here to help each one of our customers succeed. Please contact us today to find out more.
Contact us now for a free quote

We’ll be happy to help explain which model and make is best for your application.  

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