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We are proud to provide brands like industrial fans and blowers manufacturer Hartzell because it is important to us that our customers receive high-quality parts and services. We specialize in serving the Chicago area.

Hartzell Air Movement’s laboratory is equipped with precision instruments designed to test sound and vibration. They feature an over speed cell for fans up to 200 HP. Additional equipment gives them the ability to also conduct over speed tests as well as check rotating blade movement, noise levels, frequencies and vibration stresses.

Hartzell Air Movement is therefore fully equipped to manufacture, engineer and produce top-of-the-line air movement equipment.

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Series 42 Fiberglass Pressure Blower

Hartzell Distributors

We are official Hartzell distributors. As official representatives, we’ll be happy to help explain which fan, blower, exhaust system is best for your application. Contact us for a quote or any information regarding their products.

Hartzell Products

Adjustable Pitch Fan Assemblies

Centrifugal Fans

Power Roof Ventilators

Axial Fans

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We’ll be happy to help explain which model and make is best for your application.  

About Hartzell

Hartzell Air Movement’s manufacturing plant, foundry, machine shop, AMCA accredited R&D lab, engineering, customer service and warehouse are all centrally located in Pique, Ohio.

This results in a tight-knit operation that promotes collaboration when generating, designing and testing new ideas for customers. This gives them an advantage over their competitors.

Hartzell is focuses on manufacturing high-grade air movement equipment that adheres to their vision. They aim to provide effective, time-saving solutions for their clients. This has inspired many industries to implement their air movement equipment & systems.

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