Hartzell Air Movement Fans

We are proud official distributors of Hartzell fans. As official suppliers, we can provide custom quotes and information about which Hartzell product is best for your application.

Therefore, Hartzell Air Movement is fully equipped to manufacture, engineer, and produce top-of-the-line air movement equipment across demanding industries such as, but not limited to, marine duty applications and waste water treatment facilities.

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Hartzell Air Movement Fiberglass Fan

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We are proud to be the original provider of Hartzell fans. Since we are official suppliers, we can give you custom quotes and information about which Hartzell product will work best for your needs.

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We are the official distributors of the top manufacturers in the USA. As official representatives, we’ll be happy to help you find the best product.

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Hartzell Marine Duty Fans

Hartzell marine-duty and centrifugal fans are designed to meet the harsh conditions of typical marine applications.

Hartzell marine fans are designed for:

  • Reliability 
  • Low Maintenance
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Heavy-duty construction

Hartzell Marine Duct Axial®. Sizes 12″–60″. Up to 92,000 CFM, S.P. to 4″. Series 44 M

Marine Centrifugal Fans.
Sizes 12″–33″.
Up to 27,341 CFM at
free air.
Series 03M

Marine vaneaxial blowers. Sizes 8″–79″. Up to 200,000 CFM at 0″ S.P. Series 65CM

Hartzell Dampers

As distributors of Hartzell dampers, we supply a full range of fiberglass air control solutions for industrial HVAC and ventilation systems. The Hartzell lines we carry are constructed entirely of durable corrosion-resistant fiberglass, ideal for environments with corrosive fumes or vapors.

The options include:

  • FFL fixed drainable louvers for air intake/exhaust/ relief
  • FEP end-pivoted shutters for corrosive airflow regulation
  • FLC low-velocity central-pivoted dampers for low-pressure fans
  • FCO opposed blade units for manual/automated control
  • FCP parallel blade models for manual/automated control

Our team can recommend the specialized Hartzell fiberglass damper that is properly sized and selected for your application and airflow demands.

As official distributors, we provide competitive quotes along with responsive support.

About Hartzell Air Movement

Hartzell Air Movement’s manufacturing plant, foundry, machine shop, AMCA-accredited R&D lab, engineering, customer service, and warehouse are all centrally located in Pique, Ohio, USA.

This results in a tight-knit operation that promotes collaboration when generating, designing, and testing new ideas for customers. This gives them an advantage over their competitors.

Hartzell is focused on manufacturing high-grade air movement equipment that adheres to their vision. They aim to provide practical, time-saving solutions for their clients.

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We are official distributors for the manufacturers listed below. We’ll be happy to help explain the right components.

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We can also send out a trained specialist to assess the area and make sure the proper unit is being used.

We run tests on-site to see how cost-effective each model will be to assure maximum efficiency.

Series 42 Fiberglass Pressure Blower

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