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industrial exhaust fanSupplying a full line of the best industrial fans for both commercial & industrial settings. As official representatives of industry leading fan manufactures, you can rest assured you will receive high-quality, industrial grade exhaust fans that are backed by best in its class warranties and excellent customer support. We carry a vast array of industrial fans for air moment, air circulation, exhausting air, and also general ventilation.

Types of Industrial Fans

These are just some of the types of industrial fans we offer. Additionally, most CFM (Cubic Foot per Minute wiki) fans are customizable. 

Therefore, depending on the application, we will help you choose the most effective, yet efficient industrial fan to get the job done.

Custom Industrial Fans

Depending on the application a custom industrial fan may be necessary. Whether it’s ventilation equipment that can withstand demanding environments or more common applications that simply needs to have air exhausted. Regardless of the application, we provide custom industrial fans to suit every type.

  • High Temperature Resistant
  • Explosion Poof
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Steel, Stainless Steel, Monel, Aluminum, Plastic & Fiberglass (FRP) & Galvanized
  • Sizes ranging from 5″ to 288″ (24′)

Ventilation Equipment Blower Fans​ Centrifugal blower fans to exhaust blowers & everything in between. Suitable for general ventilation, process ventilation, corrosive duty, & high temperature

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Looking for Industrial Blowers?

Click below to see all the industrial blowers we have to offer. There you can find centrifugal fans manufactured from industry leaders we represent.

Exhaust Fans

Indoor air becomes stale and needs to be replaced with fresh outdoor air, which can be accomplished using an industrial grade exhaust fan. Inside commercial and industrial buildings exhaust fans are used to remove odors, smoke, and even decrease moisture.

There are typically several main methods to place or mount an exhaust fan. They can be placed in a window, a cutout in the wall, such as a wall panel fan, or the roof.

There are 2 main types of exhaust fans:

Belt-Drive Exhaust Fans

Belt-drive exhaust fans are able to control considerable volume of low static pressure air. These types of fans perform more quietly than direct-drive fans and also are able to to control more variables.

Direct-Drive Exhaust Fan

You can distinguish direct-drive exhaust fans due to the motor being mounted on the shaft of the fan. This allows the industrial direct-drive fan to remain smaller and compact. Another added benefit of direct-drive fans is they have less moving parts. Having less moving parts reduces the chance of failure in the future.

Industrial Roof Exhaust Fan

An industrial roof exhaust fan has several important tasks when ventilating a structure properly. Ventilation for the building should meet specific guidelines set forth by government agencies OSHA & NIOSH.

Industrial roof exhaust fans are an essential part of any standard building and process. Some industries using our industrial fans:

grocery store hvac
Grocery Industry

Grocery Store & Supermarket HVAC Equipment Supermarkets, grocery stores, and food distribution centers demand a level of sanitation unlike any other to keep people safe,

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Axial Fans

Axial fans are used in both commercial and industrial applications. Industrial axial fans, also referred to as an axial flow fan, uses a propeller to pull air into the fan and push it out in the same direction as the axial (the way it’s facing). Think of your typical commercial ceiling fan that rotates and pushes air downward to cool the area.

Axial fans are commonly used to push air out from a structure. Common applications of these types of fans are used to exhaust contaminated air or push-out fumes. 

On the other hand, they can be used to supply fresh air inside a building. Industrial fans reduce the temperature of a specific area with people and equipment inside. 

Therefore, because the general area that must be temperature controlled is large, these fans must be heavy duty. They are manufactured to manage large volumes of air but with low-pressure due to SP (Static Pressure).

Depending on the application these types of industrial fans are typically made of steel. That being said, some applications require aluminum for spark resistance. Other applications may require stainless steel, so that it can resist the chemical reactions.

Types of Axial Fans

There are other factors to consider when deciding which type of fan to install. There are 2 main types:

Fan system design is important to consider because particular applications require the fan to be belt driven. 

This is because belt driven fans have the motor mounted on the outside. Therefore, the air coming in is not subjected to contaminants such as dirt and pollutants, it’s also able to tolerate high heat temperatures. These fans are known as high temperature fans that are designed to work efficiently in high heat.

Looking for FRP Fiberglass fans for corrosive environments? Click here!


AGET Manufacturing AGET Manufacturing has designed and manufactured dust collectors and mist collectors since 1938. Since 1938, AGET has been working to refine their products

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Official Representatives

We are official distributors of the manufacturers listed below. As official representatives, we’ll be happy to help explain the best industrial fan for your application. Contact us for a quote or any information regarding their products.

Industrial Fan Manufacturers

Envira North Fans
Envira North
moffitt ventilation
Moffitt Corporation
airpro industrial fans
AirPro Fans & Blowers
plastec fans
Plastec Ventilation
venco chicago
Venco Ventilation

Providing Industrial Ventilation Equipment to the Following Industries

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