Industrial Hoods & Fittings

HVAC Ductwork

We supply industrial hoods and fitings for ductwork which is the conduit to convey air and particulate between process and equipment. Duct and ductwork being generic terms, they also refer to the corresponding collection hoods and fittings.

Much of the equipment we offer utilizes ductwork. Connecting a high temperature fan to an oven, a dust collector to an exhauster, transitioning a make-up air unit into a building to name a few. 

Industrial Ductwork Options:

We offer duct for a variety of applications ranging from general duty, high temperature, corrosive duty, moisture rated and more. To satisfy these applications we also offer a variety of solutions.

  • Materials:             Steel / Stainless Steel / PVC / Fiberglass (FRP)
  • Construction:      Spiral / Segmented / Laser Welded / Butt Welded / Flanged / Clamping
  • Duty:                     Light gauge to Heavy gauge base on the preference & application
  • Flex Hose:            Rubber / Polyurethane / Fabric / Steel / Aluminum

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