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industrial ductwork ductingWe’re offering a wide range of ventilation ductwork fittings & pipes helping the system of the ductwork to run at its best.

As an official representative of Norfab ducting products, we supply products that are used for warm air return, exhaust systems and general air supply.

We work with a leader in duct manufacturing & industrial ventilation ducting that provide industry leading guarantees.

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Ductwork Fans

Perhaps you’re looking to make your existing ductwork ventilation system more efficient.

Duct fans and booster accessories, such as humidifiers, can help you accomplish that goal.

Duct fans can provide a boost where necessary to increase airflow.

Industrial Ducting

duct hoseHeavy duty industrial ductwork is our primary offering. Duct that is used in dust collection systems and other high pressure applications.

Give us a call to discuss our full line of sheet metal ducting, including elbows, branches, hoods, reducers, and a variety of other fittings. All ducting can be manufactured of galvanized or stainless steel in a variety of gauges.

To make your project even easier, we offer duct layout tools and qualified assistance in preparing a duct system.

Fabric Distribution Duct

fabric ducting, Fabric Distribution Duct

Fabric ducts for air distribution are made of antimicrobial polyester and offer a cost-effective solution for consistent air distribution across rooms or entire buildings. These ducts are favored in areas with high ceilings and open duct layouts, and they’re designed exclusively for air supply purposes.

With their large air jets, they can propel air far and wide, ensuring even temperature across large areas. Paired with a makeup air unit, these ducts distribute air evenly, enhancing efficiency and comfort.

Energy conservation is a key feature of these ducts – in winter, they push unheated air up to mix with warmer air, and in summer, they direct it downward for ventilation. You can even target ventilation to specific areas, improving conditions at individual workstations.

The ducts are tailor-made from various materials, such as Vinyl Coated Polyester and Polyethylene, to suit your specific needs. They serve a diverse range of applications from grocery stores and gyms to industrial spaces and warehouses.

The suspension method can be selected based on the structural needs of your space – Cable, Halo Suspension, or HD Rail.

These ducts are custom-made in the USA, showcasing a commitment to quality, cost-effectiveness, and environmental consciousness, while adding an aesthetic touch to your space.

Give us a call to discuss our full line of sheet metal ducting, including elbows, branches, hoods, reducers, and a variety of other fittings. All ducting can be manufactured of galvanized or stainless steel in a variety of gauges.

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We are the official distributors of the top duct manufacturers in the USA. As official representatives, we’ll be happy to help explain the best ducting for your application.

Flexible Ductwork

If you’re looking for flexible duct or duct hose we can help. It can be installed instead of galvanized pipe in most applications.

The vast offering of plastics, rubbers and coatings afford us the ability to offer flexible ducts that fit most applications. A polyurethane product will resist many acids, a Teflon duct will resist temperature, galvanized steel will resist abrasion all while remaining flexible to meet your needs.

Follow your local codes to confirm if flexible hose is suitable for your application.

Spiral Ductwork

spiral ductwork chicagoA round or spiral duct is normally produced using galvanized steel and sometimes aluminum. If not from sheet metal, spiral ducts can be fiberglass board or a wire composite or bendable plastic.

Spiral ducts are becoming more common and constructed to any size. Of course, keeping in mind transportation issues, twenty feet usually the largest made. The ducts can be fitted together utilizing slip joints or flange-to-flange linking techniques.

Clamp Ductwork

Clamping ductwork is exactly as it sounds, ductwork that mates together using clamps. Each of the duct and fittings are terminated with a rolled flange or lip.

A gasketed clamp is then applied over the flanged ends to connect the pieces together. This creates a tight, leak-free seal suitable for medium pressure air applications.

The addition of a gasket between the flanges also provides a tight, leak free seal for moist applications involving water, oil and other liquids. The clamping system provides an incredibly easy to install alternative to traditional spiral duct.

The ease of installation results in less downtime and lower installation costs.

Clamping ductwork is available in both galvanized steel and stainless steel materials. Standard material gauges range from 18-24 gauge depending on size with an option for heavy wall construction to 10 gauge material.

Clamping ductwork can be used on its own or in conjunction with other styles of pipe. Adapters are part of the offering the ability to connect to a traditional spiral duct system and/or a machine.

The adapters can be a typical raw sleeve or a flat flange. Flat flanges can also be custom designed to match any flange size and bolt pattern.

The clamping ductwork system uses standard lengths of straight pipe with rolled flanges on both ends. When in need of a shorter length we provide an adjustable sleeve that will be used in conjunction with a straight duct. One end of the straight duct is cut down to the desired length and rubber o-ring as well as the sleeve will slide over the cut end of the straight duct.

This sleeve is approx. 11” long and has a rolled flange on either end. The o-ring and inner sleeve flange will clamp in place to create the new duct length. The outer flange on the sleeve will act as the new straight duct flange.

A video of this process is available here.

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PVC Duct

pvc hoods with ducting,

It’s well known that PVC has been valued for its ease of use and dependability. Of course, it is well known to be cost effective, which has led to PVC being one of the most widely used materials for many applications.

With such a durable, yet cost effective material it shouldn’t come as a surprise that commercial and industrial industries started using PVC ducts.

Read more about PVC Piping at Wikipedia.

PVC duct uses a thinner wall than that of conventional PVC piping. Since the PVC duct is moving air, it’s not necessary to use more PVC material to handle the pressure of liquid that traditional pipes carry.

PVC ducts are used for fumes, minimal drainage and even air exhaust applications.

Don’t be fooled by the thinner material, PVC duct is extremely durable and has a plethora of other useful qualities such as corrosion & chemical resistance, low-thermal conductivity and even flammable. You can custom order your PVC Ducts to be as small as 3 inches in diameter to 65 inches.

R. Williamson & Associates of Illinois offers a wide line of PVC fittings and ducts to suit your application. Just like standard PVC pipe, PVC duct has a huge range of fittings that allow for easy connection to all duct components.

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Duct Survey

A duct system may look like a simple collection of pipes but the reality is that it is an engineered system. Proper sizing and layout is required to ensure the air is flowing efficiently and effectively for your process.

Our trained sales engineers can survey and assess your new or existing system to provide you with the best approach to air movement.

Please give us a call to set up a site survey with one of our highly qualified sales engineers so we can keep your processes running smoothly.

Ducting for Kitchen Hoods

commercial kitchen hood ducting

We supply industrial kitchen hoods and fittings for ductwork which is the conduit to convey air and particulate between process and equipment.

Duct and ductwork being generic terms, they also refer to the corresponding collection hoods and fittings. Both are talking about general kitchen ventilation ductwork for an commercial or heavy duty setting.

Much of the equipment we offer utilizes commercial ductwork. Connecting a high temperature fan to an oven, a dust collector to an exhauster, transitioning a make-up air unit into a building to name a few.

Industrial Ductwork Options:

We offer duct for a variety of applications ranging from general duty, high temperature, corrosive duty, moisture rated and more. To satisfy these applications we also offer a variety of solutions.

  • Materials:             Steel / Stainless Steel / PVC / Fiberglass (FRP)
  • Construction:      Spiral / Segmented / Laser Welded / Butt Welded / Flanged / Clamping
  • Duty:                     Light gauge to Heavy gauge base on the preference & application
  • Flex Hose:            Rubber / Polyurethane / Fabric / Steel / Aluminum

Nordfab Official Representatives

We are official distributors of NordFab Ducting. As official representatives, we’ll be happy to help explain the best ducting for your application. Contact us for a quote or any information regarding Nordfab ducting products.

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