Volume Control Dampers (VCD) for HVAC Applications

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The VCD Series are rectangular manual or automatic volume control dampers designed to regulate airflow in HVAC systems. With multi-blade operation, these commercial damper models balance pressure and velocity. 

Available in low- to medium-pressure designs, each blade integrates actuator guides to enable specific placement for manual balancing or automatic regulation based on the model, duct size, and pressure levels.

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Volume control dampers are essential for regulating airflow in HVAC systems. The adjustable flaps inside air ducts can be manually or automatically modulated to control air volumes to distinct zones precisely.

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VCDs Improve Overall HVAC System Efficiency and Control

Utilizing opposed, multi-blade designs to achieve precise airflow regulation. The external drive allows the galvanized damper blades to adjust leakage-minimized positions smoothly for submittal quality construction.

The blade positioning enables reliable temperature and ventilation balancing in each zone via automated or manual modulation.

Multiple rectangular and circular (round) damper styles, whether 3V, airfoil, or vertical blade, provide flexible volume control across commercial duct applications.

Types of Industrial Dampers

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VCD Manufactures Represented

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Properly Sizing and Placing VCDs for Optimal Airflow & Zoning

Achieving ideal HVAC efficiency requires appropriately sized and positioned units. Consider critical factors when selecting and installing volume control dampers:

  • Size – Match the duct width and height dimensions to ensure adequate airflow capacity.
  • Pressure – Rated for the system’s static pressure and velocity.
  • Construction: Featuring frames constructed from steel, fiberglass, stainless steel, or aluminum, while blades can be galvanized, stainless, insulated, or doubled depending on performance needs, with the key-linked blades mounted on axles and bearings to allow precise balancing.
  • Location – Place between zones and branches to best direct airflow. Mount vertically or horizontally as needed.
    Access – Allow for control wiring as necessary. Unit and actuators can be adjusted as part of balancing. 

With attention to sizing, pressure ratings, positioning, and accessibility, our VCD models can optimize airflow routing to each zone.

The result is comfortable space temperatures and ventilation, lower HVAC equipment runtime, and energy use.

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VCD (Rectangular)

Our rectangular VCD models utilize an opposed blade configuration that prevents turbulence within connected ductwork.

The external gear-driven mechanism allows the integrated galvanized damper blades to adjust positions for smooth, precision HVAC balancing. This reliable damper design and blade movement make sure optimal temperature and ventilation regulation.

VCD (Round) for circular ducts

Our circular volume control dampers regulate airflow in round and flexible duct connections. The quadrants with wing nuts provide manual blade adjustment, with markings to record open and closed positions.

Optional 50mm fixtures that enable duct mounting are available from certain manufacturers we represent. With available jamb seals and a full range of sizes, these reliable dampers control flow through plenum mouths and circular ventilation paths.

Manufacturers' PDFs

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What are volume control dampers

What are volume control dampers?

Volume control dampers are essential for regulating airflow in HVAC systems. The adjustable flaps inside air ducts can be manually or automatically modulated to control air volumes to distinct zones precisely. These critical components balance pressure and direct, efficient airflow to rooms for comfort. VCD models utilize durable galvanized, stainless steel, or aluminum air ducts to maintain temperatures.

Volume control and fire dampers play distinct but complementary roles. VCDs adjustably direct airflow to balance temperatures and ventilation. Alternately, fire dampers prevent smoke and flames from spreading in untenable conditions. Though their purposes differ, the dampers demonstrate essential—even lifesaving—air conditioning system functions. With capabilities spanning precision airflow balancing and fire/smoke containment, few components match the combined damper utility. Ultimately, when properly implemented, both damper types offer immense protection and optimization.

Volume control dampers (VCDs) modulate airflow volumes to balance temperatures in different zones. Control dampers are a broader term for regulating airflow, pressure, smoke, fire safety, etc. While VCDs focus on volume regulation, control dampers serve various specialized HVAC control purposes.

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