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airpro industrial fans distributor, airpro supplierAirPro is an American industrial fan and blower manufacturer that is committed to providing exceptional air moving technology worldwide.

Their mission is simple yet powerful – to lead the industry with innovative solutions that cater to the process air needs of industrial applications.

Using cutting-edge CFD and FEA modeling, along with actual performance testing, AirPro’s engineers are constantly improving the quality and efficiency of their fans and blowers. With a comprehensive QA program and QC procedures in place, AirPro ensures continuous process improvements throughout the organization.

As an official distributor of AirPro, we are proud to offer their high-quality, reliable products, such as blowers and dampers to our customers.

AirPro’s fans and blowers are available in both pre-engineered and custom designs, including backward inclined fans, backward curved fans, radial tipped fans, material handling fans, high-pressure blowers, and more.

With their headquarters in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, AirPro designs and manufactures industrial-duty centrifugal fans and blowers that are built to last. Their commitment to providing superior products and unmatched customer service has made them a preferred choice among customers.

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As an official distributor of AirPro, we are proud to offer their high-quality, reliable products to our customers.

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We are the official distributors of AirPro Fans. As official representatives, we’ll be happy to help explain the industrial ventilation equipment for your application.

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AirPro Fans

As an industrial ventilation supplier, you need a partner who can deliver heavy-duty, reliable fans and blowers to keep your customers’ manufacturing processes running smoothly.

That’s where AirPro comes in.

They’re a company that’s dedicated to producing the best centrifugal fans and blowers for industrial applications, with no distractions from making commercial or residential fans.

AirPro’s centrifugal fans and blowers are crucial to the manufacturing process, moving air, gas, and raw materials through various transformations.

And with a comprehensive selection of fan designs they can find the right fan to suit your application. The key is understanding the performance characteristics that matter most to your process, such as airflow volume, static pressure, and materials being processed.

But AirPro doesn’t just rely on intuition when designing fans. They use advanced tools like CFD and FEA modeling and real-world testing to continuously improve their products. And with a quality assurance program and QC procedures in place, you can trust that every fan they produce meets their high standards.

With AirPro as your fan and blower supplier, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best products available for your customers’ industrial applications.

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We are official representative covering Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Indiana.

We can also send out a trained specialist to assess the area and make certain the proper unit is being used for your specific application. 

We run tests on-site to see how cost effective each model will be to assure maximum efficiency.

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