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industrial heating equipment supplier, air rotation unitAs an official supplier of industrial heating equipment, we provide the equipment needed for commercial and industrial heating applications.

As the market leader in wholesale commercial and industrial heating equipment, we are authorized by leading USA manufacturers to provide high-quality OEM commercial heating equipment and industrial business solutions based on our knowledge of heating products.

Do you need industrial heating products to set up in a commercial or industrial building that is safe, effective, and efficient?

We supply heating equipment like door heaters, air rotation units, heated fans, along with air curtains and blower fans and more!

You can view the heating products we offer and contact us for a fast quote on different brands for that particular heating product.

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Serving both primary and supplemental heat options to service entrances, exits, shipping & receiving areas, manufacturing spaces, warehouses & distribution centers, building entrances, and any other areas requiring heat.

We supply heat in the form of

  • Electric coils
  • Steam
  • Hot water
  • Direct gas-fired systems
  • Indirect gas-fired systems

Our team of experts can assess your application and provide you with the most appropriate and maintenance-friendly heating equipment solution for your facility.

Contact us today for a quote from your heating equipment supplier near you.

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We’ll be happy to help explain what commercial heating equipment is best for your application.

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Applications for Commercial Equipment Heaters

Providing Industrial Ventilation Equipment to the Following Industries

Providing Industrial Heating Solutions to the Greater Chicago area and Nationwide

R. Williamson & Associates can provide you with fast quotes on the correct heating equipment for your application.

We are official representative covering Illinois, Wisconsin, & Indiana.

We can also send out a trained specialist to assess the area and make certain the proper unit is being used for your specific application.

We run tests on-site to see how cost effective each model will be to assure maximum efficiency.

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