Replacement Air HVAC Solutions

What is Make-up Air?

Make-up Air is designed to replace or “make up” the air in an interior space that has been removed by process and/or general exhaust equipment. This type of HVAC solution pulls in fresh air from outside your building to replace the air that is being exhausted. Our offering of make-up air equipment is as versatile as it is complete. 

Industrial Make-Up Air Applications and Features

Some Makeup Air unit applications require basic untempered replacement air and others carry a demand for tempered solutions. At We Sell Fans, we offer both untempered and tempered solutions to satisfy any application. Because every application is a little different, we also offer a variety of styles and configurations. Our make-up air can be powered with an axial fan or a centrifugal blower to satisfy a broad range of static pressures.

Heating Options: Direct Fired Gas / Indirect Fired Gas / Electric / Steam / Hot Water

Cooling Options: DX / Chilled Water / Evaporative Cooling

Multiple Mounting Configurations: Horizontal / Vertical / Up blast / Down blast / Indoors / Outdoors

Air Movement Range: 1 cfm to 250,000 cfm 

Industries Using Make-up Air

We supply our systems to a variety of different industrial and commercial facilities. Make-up air systems improve facility air quality which is perfect for industries with greater ventilation needs. Some industries that often require make-up air systems include:


At We Sell Fans we offer the best products from a variety of manufactures, each providing a unique solution for your unique application. Some manufacturers we work with for Make-up air equipment includes AbsolutAire, FloAire, and Venco Ventilation.

Why Choose We Sell Fans?

Our equipment will make your building healthy and efficient again by eliminating the negative air pressure. No matter what your need, we have a solution to fit it. Our team of experts can assess your application and provide you with the most maintenance friendly solution for your facility.

Contact us for more information on our industrial make-up air solutions.

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