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baghouse dust collector with cyclone

The baghouse dust collector is the most common type that requires dry dust control. With a 99.97% efficiency rate, these units are very flexible and can be used in many different applications.

Baghouse dust collection systems are also easy to maintain and can be made to handle a wide range of airflows and dust loads.

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What Is a Baghouse Dust Collector?

A baghouse dust collector is a type of air pollution control device that removes particulate matter (dust, smoke, mist, etc.) from the air using fabric filters (bags or sleeves). Baghouse dust collectors filter dust out of the air using long, cylindrical bags (or tubes) made of fabric. 

The contaminated air is drawn into the collector and passed through the fabric, which captures the particulate matter. The cleaned air is then released back into the air, and the dust that has been collected is discarded or reused, depending on the configurations.

Most baghouses have a filter cleaning system. Most filter cleaning systems are one of three types.

  • Pulse Jet Filter: This technique forces the dust from the bag’s exterior by forcing a blast of compressed air down the center of the bag.
  • Shaker System: This is the simplest way to clean a filter. Usually, a motor is used to shake the dust off the outside of the bags.
  • Reverse-Flow: A fan that moves around and blows air into the center of a bag. This pushes the dust off the outside of the bag.

Whichever type is implemented, the bag should always end up in the hopper after the dust is removed from it, where it will be dropped into the container of your choice.

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When should a baghouse dust collector be used?

A baghouse dust collector should be used when there is a need to control emissions of particulate matter from industrial processes. Common applications include:

  • Power plants
  • Cement plants
  • Grain milling
  • Steel mills
  • Mining operations
  • other heavy duty industries

Baghouse dust collectors can also be used in applications where the particulate matter is fine or hard-to-control, such as with woodworking operations, or in situations where the particulate matter must be collected at high temperatures above 250 °F.

Additionally, it can be used in situations where the particulate matter is large and can cause wear and tear on equipment, such as in cement plants and mining operations.

It is also used in commercial and residential construction to keep dust down for things like cutting and grinding concrete, sanding drywall, and other masonry work.

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Benefits of Baghouse Dust Collectors

The top 5 key benefits of using a baghouse dust collector are:

  1. High Efficiency: Baghouse dust collectors are highly efficient at capturing particulate matter, with collection efficiencies of up to 99.99%.
  2. Customizable: Baghouse dust collectors can be customized to fit the specific needs of an industrial process, such as the size and shape of the particulate matter and the temperature of the air.
  3. Large Capacity: Baghouse dust collectors have large capacity and can handle high volumes of air and particulate matter, making them suitable for large industrial operations.
  4. Safe and Reliable: Baghouse dust collectors are safe and reliable to use, and they meet the air pollution control standards of most countries.
  5. Energy-Efficient: Baghouse dust collectors use less energy than other types of air pollution control equipment, making them a more environmentally friendly option.

What’s the difference between baghouse and cyclone dust collectors?

The biggest difference between the two dust collectors is how they capture and remove dust.

A baghouse dust collector uses fabric filters (bags or sleeves) to capture particulate matter.

The contaminated air is drawn into the collector and passed through the fabric, which captures the particulate matter. The cleaned air is then released back into the air, and the dust that has been collected is thrown away or reused.

A cyclone dust collector, on the other hand, uses centrifugal force to separate particulate matter from the air.

The contaminated air is drawn into the collector and enters a cylindrical chamber. The air then spins around in the chamber, and the centrifugal force causes the heavier particulate matter to be thrown out to the walls of the chamber and fall into a collection hopper. The cleaned air is then exhausted back into the atmosphere.

The main difference between the two is the method of particulate separation.

A cyclone uses centrifugal force to separate the particles.

A baghouse uses filter bags or sleeves to catch the particles.

Baghouses are better at catching small particles, while cyclones are better at catching bigger particles.

Another difference is that baghouses have a higher efficiency of capturing particulate matter, and they can handle high volumes of air and particulate matter, making them suitable for large industrial operations.

Which is different from cyclone dust collectors that are more suited for pre-filtration, to remove larger particulate matter before it reaches other types of dust collectors.

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