Berner Air Curtains

R. Williamson & Associates works with some of the world’s leading brands to provide comfortable, safe airflow systems to Chicago and the surrounding areas. One of these brands, Berner International, has been a leading supplier of commercial air curtain systems since 1956.
Berner’s air curtains form a barrier of air strong enough to keep out insects, cold air, smoke, and other toxic/unwanted substances.
We help Berner to bring the highest quality commercial airflow systems and service to the Chicago area. If a business has air pollution, ventilation, or movement demands, we can meet and exceed them.


Environmental Separation

• Restaurants
• Retail
• Food Service
• Commercial
• Industrial

Pest, Bug & Insect Control

• Eliminates flying bugs
• High Powered
• NSF Certified
• USDA Certified
• UL Certified

Filtration Systems

• Media Filters
• Ionizer Air Purification
• Kill Viruses
• Kill Bacteria / Microbes
• Air Cleaning
• Reduce Contaminants

Custom Solutions

• Our team has the resources to provide you with a solution to meet your specific requirements.

Supplemental Heat

• Electric Heat
• Hot Water Heat
• Steam Heat (/br> • Indirect Gas Heat
• Direct Gas Heat

Door Heaters

• Direct Gas Fired Door
• Great for negative building pressures
• Low operating cost
• Employee Comfort

Paint Booth & Curing Ovens

• Contain Heat
• Maintain Temperature
• Reduce Dust
• Eliminate Bugs
• Energy Savings

Energy, Heat & Cooling Recovery

• We can provide equipment designed specifically to reduce energy costs and reclaim existing conditioned air

Engineering & Service Support Services

• Full Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Services
• Startup & Repair Service

About berner international air curtains

Outstanding Service

Teams at Berner International and R. Williamson & Associates are among the highest skilled and most experienced in what they do. We can assist in product selection as well as installations. If you need parts or motor replacements, we have that covered, too!
Whatever the demand, we work alongside leading companies such as Berner to make sure our service and products are all above the standard.
Berner never strays from their vision of being:

  • Dependable
  • Affordable
  • Energy saving
  • Effective

Why R. Williamson & Associates?

R. Williamson & Associates is known for supplying the best of industrial ventilation equipment to Chicago and its surrounding areas. Our employees and service members are experienced, knowledgeable, and loyal in their goal to bring outstanding service to our customers within 100 miles of our location, based in Stokie, Illinois.
Contact R. Williamson & Associates today to find a product that meets your needs.

Berner International air curtains applications

R. Williamson & Associates works with companies like Berner to bring the Chicago area a wide line of products and equipment. From air curtains and air doors to door heaters and fabric ducts, Berner can supply every airflow need.
Types of air curtains Berner produces include industrial, commercial, sanitation certified, architectural, and bi-parting. Every product from Berner is the highest quality and studies have proven their products to be effective.
Types of applications for these products and equipment include:

  • Commercial use, homes
  • Kitchens and restaurants
  • Artists’ and designers’ space
  • Garages
  • Warehouses
  • School systems

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