Low Profile Air Curtain

low profile air curtain

A low profile air curtain manufactured from Berner is the perfect solution for companies looking to separate two environments while doors are open. Low profile air curtains provide an invisible barrier using air to improve and/or replace a traditional vestibule.

Additionally, an air curtain will provide benefits such as additional square footage, reduction of flying pests and offers heated solutions for supplemental heat.

The low profile air curtains slim design is a great solution for openings up to 8’ tall. A variety of options are available to meet the aesthetic requirements of most any space.

As the name suggests, low profile air curtains are smaller and less intrusive than most air curtains and designed to blend into a space. Multiple shapes, colors and control options are available to meet your specific taste.

To provide an even sleeker appearance, Berner offers low voltage micro switches for automatic operation, BACnet interface for building management integration and a wireless control option allowing for control from a smart device.

Each of these options offers a variety of control programs to suit your desired method of operation.

So there has to be more to an air curtain than the way it looks, it has to perform. Berner has certified their equipment with a 3rd party testing organization known as AMCA (Air Movement & Control Association).

AMCA is a globally recognized organization that certifies the performance of air moving equipment. All of Berner’s low profile air curtains and air doors are certified by AMCA for environmental separation up to 8’, keeping the conditioned air inside and the unconditioned air outside.

Additionally, some units are also certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) for flying pest and insect protection up to 7’.

As of June 25, 2019 air curtains and air doors are an acceptable alternative to vestibules per ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2019.

An air curtain in its true form is designed to separate two environments and provide premium IAQ (indoor air quality) and energy savings. In a space with a neutral pressure this can be achieved with a simple unheated unit.

Please note that in most cases a building pressure is not perfectly neutral and consequently an air curtain is not 100% effective. For this reason Berner offers several heating options to temper the air during the colder months.

Minimizing the amount of cold air being introduced and heating the air that does penetrate at the point of entry creates an incredibly comfortable environment while also providing significantly reduced energy costs. The result is customer comfort, employee satisfaction and lower utility bills.

Ideal Applications:

Standard Features

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We’ll be happy to help explain which model and make is best for your application.

Retail Store Air Curtains

The Berner series of air curtains includes the Low Profile 8 (CLC08). These units are designed for commercial and retail customer entryways requiring a function over form approach.

They are often used in back of the house operations such as receiving doors, employee entry points and garage entries. This equipment offers a basic approach to environmental separation by offering a simple on or off operation with the ability to add a delay if desired.

This grass roots approach to environmental separation provides equal performance at a lower price point.

Sequences of Operation


There are a variety of modes of operation ranging from manual on/off to using the air curtain as a supplemental heater. Many units include a digital control offering multiple sequences of operation.

Below are a few of the pre-programmed sequences available.


Recommended for high traffic openings.

Comfort Plus

BACnet and Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Berner also offers solutions to connect air curtains to the Building Automation System (BAS). This is a standard feature in Berner’s Intelli-Switch controller but can be added to any air curtain.

Contact us if interested in connecting the air curtain if interested in connecting the air curtain to the Building Automation System (BAS) in or to control the unit.


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Find Out More about Commercial Air Curtains

Architectural Series Air Curtains

archtiectural air curtain

The Berner Architectural series of air curtains includes the Architectural Elite 8 (AE08) and Architectural Low Profile 8 (ALC08). These units are designed for commercial and retail customer entryways requiring a pleasant appearance.

Architects and designers focused on aesthetics can appreciate the sleek design while the engineer focuses on the functionality. Typically placed over the main entrance where design matters, architectural air curtains are designed to fit seamlessly into the space.

This equipment is provided as standard with Berner’s proprietary Intelli-Switch digital control which offers several pre-programmed sequences of operation as well as customizable programming

To enhance the control the Berner AIR wireless control feature is available to provide wireless control of the equipment using a smart device app (both iOS & Android) or BACnet.

Recessed Air Curtain

recessed air curtain

Recessed air curtains mount flush with the ceiling and expose only the aluminum exterior. For aesthetic purposes, recessed air curtains protect indoor air quality while maintaining a seamless look inside the space. These types are also known as invisible air curtains due to the box being concealed in the ceiling.

Like the other types of unique air curtains these automatic air curtains can be configured to work with an application or programmed.

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Any Berner low profile air curtain you choose will provide the same great performance. With so many great options to dress it up and make it your own you can be assured that you are getting exactly the air curtain you want.

At R. Williamson & Associates we are here to help you select the perfect equipment for your application. More than 50 years of experience with Berner products makes us your best option for air curtain success.


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