Low Profile Air Curtain

low profile air curtain

Step into Efficiency with Low-Profile Air Curtains:

Discover a sleek solution for separating spaces when doors are open. Slim design, perfect for openings up to 8’ tall, brings style and practicality.

Benefits include added space, bug prevention, and optional heating. Choose from various shapes, colors, and controls like wireless for modern convenience.

Certified by AMCA, these air curtains ensure top performance, keeping conditioned air in and unconditioned air out. Some units endorsed by UL and NSF for pest protection.

Compliant with ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2019, air curtains offer an approved alternative to vestibules. Even in spaces with imperfect pressure, they maintain effectiveness.

For colder months, embrace innovative heating solutions, creating a cozy environment and saving on energy costs.

In essence, low-profile air curtains embody comfort, satisfaction, and utility savings.

Watch How Slim Air Curtains Prevent Smoke from Entering

Ideal Applications:

Standard Features

Slim Air Curtains

These slim units include the Low Profile 8 (CLC08). They are designed for commercial and retail customer entryways, requiring a function over form approach.

They are often used in back-of-the house operations such as receiving doors, employee entry points, and garage entries. Slim air curtains offer a basic approach to environmental separation by offering a simple on-or-off operation with the ability to add a delay if desired.

This grass-roots approach to environmental separation provides equal performance at a lower price point.


Architectural Air Curtains

archtiectural air curtain

The Berner Architectural series of air curtains includes the Architectural Elite 8 (AE08) and Architectural Low Profile 8 (ALC08).

These units are designed for commercial and retail customer entryways requiring a pleasant appearance.

Architects and designers who care about looks will like the sleek design, but an engineer will care more about how it works.

Architectural air curtains are usually put over the main entrance, where design is important, and are made to blend in with the space.

This equipment is provided as standard with Berner’s proprietary Intelli-Switch digital control which offers several pre-programmed sequences of operation as well as customizable programming

To enhance the control, the Berner AIR wireless control feature is available to provide wireless control of the equipment using a smart device app (both iOS & Android) or BACnet.


Recommended for high traffic openings.

Comfort Plus

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BACnet and Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Berner also offers solutions to connect air curtains to the Building Automation System (BAS). This is a standard feature in Berner’s Intelli-Switch controller but can be added to any air curtain.

Contact us if interested in connecting the air curtain if interested in connecting the air curtain to the Building Automation System (BAS) in or to control the unit.

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Any Berner slim air curtain you choose will provide the same great performance. With so many great options to dress it up and make it your own, you can be assured that you are getting exactly the air curtain you want.

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