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industrial ventialtion equipment supplier chicagoWe know that there are other companies out there that supply industrial air movement systems, so why us?

R. Williamson & Associates has over 135 years of experience in applying, supplying, designing, installing, and servicing systems related to air movement and air pollution control.

We’ve learned some things along the way, and it allows us to best serve our clients with minor to major ventilation issues whether they be end users, contractors, engineers or Original Equipment Manufacturers.

I know, you have heard it all before, so what makes us different from others?

We pledge to be available and accessible to get you the answers you need to make your decisions for your business or plant operation when you need them.

Our solutions are innovative, efficient and effective and we vow to provide you with what you need, sometimes more, but never less. We are committed to providing safe, reliable, long lasting solutions and relationships that allow both of us to have confidence in our decisions.

The Right Partner

As a manufacturer’s representative, we collaborate closely with industry-leading commercial and industrial ventilation equipment suppliers.

These partners share our standards for understanding client goals, meeting quality and engineering support expectations, and ensuring timely delivery.

Leveraging our core offerings of proven air movement systems, we can meet the ventilation demands vital for long-term, successful operations.

Where advantageous, we utilize our in-house fabrication and assembly capabilities to provide clients with customized solutions.

By correctly applying the best components suited to each application, our installations are built to achieve maximum longevity. Expert equipment integration and responsiveness to unique specifications are central to our approach.

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Custom Industrial Fans

To us, extraordinary is ordinary, and custom air movement systems are what we are built on. All of the manufacturers and installers that we work with understand that commercial and industrial applications are like snowflakes; no two applications are exactly alike.

Most air movement systems require a few special design “tweaks” to provide the optimal end result. We work with all types of construction materials to suit your needs, including carbon steel, stainless steel, Monel, Aluminum, PVC and FRP and more, allowing us to work in almost any environment.

Industrial HVAC Parts and Support Services

Servicing the HVAC equipment that we sell provides you, the client, the confidence that you need to know that we can keep you up and running. With over 135 years of experience, we have developed a vast network of support services in all of the areas that we serve.

We carry records of each and every sale dating back to the mid-1900s. Those records contain not only the base equipment details but also the corresponding parts lists and any other service that may have been provided.

Why?  So we can be more prepared than the other guy.

Field Analysis and Testing

All of our equipment is factory-tested and balanced prior to shipment. Over time, rotating equipment can experience performance changes due to normal use.

These changes can be due to field conditions, buildup, vibration, and balance issues. We offer complete testing and balancing services for all of our fans, blowers and rotating equipment. These services can also be used for performance tweaks to increase or decrease performance as well.

Whether it’s a new industrial ventilation system installation or the collection of data for a new design, we will analyze and report the findings necessary for you to make a qualified decision.

Educating Your Team on Industrial Ventilation Equipment

Educating our clients is as important to us as knowing the information ourselves. We offer training in the form of on-site startup services, consultations, and group presentations.

We offer several lunch & learn presentations for architects and engineers that provide Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits (what is CEU Wiki) allowing for a simple means of continuing education while getting a free lunch.

The better our clients understand our solutions, the better the air movement systems they are designing and installing will be.  This education keeps you current and makes you knowledgeable about the latest solutions available in the marketplace.

Not Sure Which Commercial Air Curtain is Best for the Job?

Let us help you choose the best one for the application. Contact us now for a fast quote or any information regarding commercial air curtains.

Meeting Ventilation Equipment Standards

Meeting standards is what is most important to us. You have an expectation of a air movement system, air movement systems solution that is efficient and effective. Our goal is to meet that expectation by providing the proper equipment for your application and implementing the solution that works best for you on your timeline.

To ensure that we meet your expectations we are very thorough. We do our best not to be overbearing, but our questions and your answers lay the foundation for a successful and smooth project.

How do we meet expectations? We do this by:

Our role as a manufacturer’s representative is to continually work with our suppliers and our clients to get it done.

Whether you need a complete system, a single piece of equipment, a drawing, a direction or a specification, give us a call, and we’ll be there for you.

Providing air movement systems to the Following Industries

Providing Industrial Ventilation System Installation to the Greater Chicago area & Ship Nationwide

R. Williamson & Associates can provide you with fast quotes on the correct industrial ventilation system for your application.

We are official representative covering Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Indiana.

We can send out a trained specialist to assess the area and make certain the proper unit is being used for your specific application.

We run tests on-site to see how cost effective each model will be to assure maximum efficiency.

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