Barometric relief damper


Barometric relief damper

Barometric dampers are air-pressure-regulating devices used in HVAC systems. They open and close automatically to maintain optimal static pressure.

Excess pressure causes the dampers to open and release air until the pressure stabilizes again. Then, the dampers close to contain the system pressure.

Barometric dampers give buildings responsive pressure control without needing complex automation systems. They improve efficiency by keeping duct pressure at optimum levels.

Well-controlled pressure enhances airflow, temperature regulation, and indoor air quality. It also prevents problems like smoke backdrafts in chimneys or vents.

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Dampers serve as crucial components for managing airflow, pressure, and temperature across multiple processes, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the facility. 

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Types of Dampers in HVAC Systems

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Main Functions

Barometric dampers automatically open and close based on air pressure changes. When pressure builds beyond a preset limit, the dampers open to release excess air. This relieves the pressure.

Once the pressure reaches optimum levels again, the barometric dampers close. This contains the system pressure and maintains it at ideal static levels. Proper pressure regulation enhances HVAC efficiency and prevents problems.

For example, barometric dampers in chimneys or vents prevent smoke backdrafts. When pressure fluctuates inside a flue, the damper opens momentarily to equalize it. This ensures smoke continues flowing up and out of the chimney. The damper then quickly closes to prevent letting exterior air back in.

Maintaining optimal duct pressure is crucial for consistent airflow, temperature control, and indoor air quality. Our damper expertise helps buyers select the right products to stabilize pressure. This brings maximum HVAC functionality without complex automation.

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Barometric dampers offer HVAC systems several crucial benefits:

Consistent Airflow

The dampers minimize duct pressure fluctuations. This enables fans to supply steady, reliable airflow to rooms. No drops or surges in pressurization.

Energy Efficiency

Optimal static pressure reduces strain on fans and blowers. This cuts the energy needed to move air. The system runs smoother.

Temperature Regulation

Steady airflow ensures warm/cool air is consistently circulated per the thermostat settings. No hot or cold spikes.


The dampers react to pressure changes without needing advanced Building Management Systems.

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Key Takeaways

In summary, barometric dampers are simple yet powerful air pressure regulators. They function like a doggy door by opening when the pressure gets too high. This vents excess air and contains optimal duct static pressure.

Proper pressure control maintains reliable airflow for temperature regulation and ventilation. Barometric dampers provide responsive, efficient operation without complex automation systems.

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When pressure matters, rely on correctly sized barometric dampers. 

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