Architectural Air Curtain

Architectural Air Curtain, modern air curtain for customer entryArchitectural air curtains blend superior climate control with aesthetic appeal, which is ideal for commercial and retail entryways.

These units create an invisible air barrier, separating environments while allowing unobstructed passage. They reduce HVAC loads, improve air quality, control pests, and eliminate vestibules, offering significant energy savings and operational benefits.

Selecting the best architectural air curtain is crucial for optimal efficiency. Contact a R. Williamson and Associates for assistance.

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Air Curtain Size
Air Curtain Size

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Berner AI10 Icon 72″

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Advanced Features of Modern Air Curtains

Architectural air curtain in store hotel lobby

Automatic Air Curtain Technology

Berner’s proprietary Intelli-Switch system offers pre-programmed operation sequences and customizable programming, enabling truly automatic air curtains. This intelligent control system optimizes performance based on specific environmental conditions and usage patterns, ensuring efficient operation for customer entry air curtains.

Wireless Control for Entrance Air Curtains

The optional Berner AIR feature provides wireless control via smart device apps (iOS & Android) or BACnet integration. This allows for remote automation operations and monitoring, enhancing convenience and efficiency in managing entrance air curtains.

Energy Efficiency with Architectural ICON 10

The Architectural ICON 10 creates an effective air barrier, significantly reducing HVAC system workload. This leads to lower energy consumption and reduced operational costs, making it an ideal choice for energy-conscious businesses.

Environmental Impact and Indoor Air Quality

Modern air curtains maintain clean indoor environments by preventing the ingress of outdoor pollutants, dust, and allergens. This is particularly crucial in healthcare facilities and food service areas where hygiene standards are paramount.

Versatile Applications of Customer Entry Air Curtains

Retail and Commercial Spaces

Architectural ICON 10 models are particularly suited for retail environments where maintaining an open and inviting entrance is crucial while still providing climate control.

Healthcare and Sensitive Environments

In hospitals, and pharmacutical laboratories, modern air curtains play a vital role in maintaining hygiene standards by preventing the entry of insects and airborne contaminants.

Why Choose R. Williamson and Associates

As official distributors of Berner Air Curtains, R. Williamson and Associates offers unparalleled expertise in architectural air curtain solutions.

Our team of engineers provides:

  • In-depth product knowledge and application expertise
  • Access to the full range of Berner’s cutting-edge models
  • Customized solutions tailored to specific architectural requirements
  • Ongoing technical support and maintenance guidance
  • Competitive pricing through direct manufacturer relationships

By choosing R. Williamson and Associates, clients benefit from a partnership with a trusted distributor committed to delivering optimal air curtain solutions that enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of commercial spaces.

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