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automotive dust collection systemIndustrial dust collection systems are designed to provide clean, safe, and breathable work environments.

From small buffing operations to large foundry and forging processes, we have a solution for you. Dust collectors are available in several different styles and configurations to meet your particular needs.

Portable systems, permanent, source capture or ambient dust collectors are available. You can mount a them indoors and outdoors or hybrid areas like warehouses, harbors, freights & garages.

What is the Purpose of a Dust Collection System?

Offering the widest variety of proven technology as well as the most innovative, efficient and effective solutions. We can provide efficiencies of up to 99.97% clean air that can be returned to the space, no one offers a higher efficiency.

Baghouse food processing dust collectionIndustrial dust collection systems control air pollution in warehouses, factories, plants, and other commercial settings where atmospheric workplace safety requirements must be met.

The purpose of a dust collector is it extracts particles or dust from the air inside a structure and keeps it away from dangerous fumes & gasses. The equipment is made to filter and purify the air from dangerous dust contaminates. (OSHA Guideline on combustible dust)

Dust collection systems are designed specifically tailored to its environment. Since all industries are different and have different needs, a dust collection system must be designed specifically.

For a dust collection system to lessen, and eliminate conceivably harmful particles and exhaust from gases from an assembling factory or the air and the general condition during creation and assembling.

Productive dust collection systems diminish, control, and eliminate the possibility of unsafe particles and exhaust from gases from a manufacturing process. The system is explicitly made to clean, filter, and purify dangerous dust and contaminants that are spread into the workplace or structures environment to improve air quality.

How Do Dust Collection Systems Work?

CNC Dust Collection SystemEvery industry has a distinct type of contamination & they all differ in one way or another. That’s why industrial dust collection design systems are tailored strategically for maximum purification efficiency for all industrial applications.

Purification is accomplished by dust collection systems sucking in contaminated particles through a filter. This filter then separates the unwanted hazardous matter and then pushes out decontaminated air again back into the working environment to create a better atmosphere to work in.

In the end, each design system’s purpose is the same. To separate, filter out, and catch dust. Once this is done, the contaminated air is replaced with purified air that has been sanitized.

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Types of Industrial Dust Collectors

5 essential parts to dust collectors:

5 basic types of dust collection equipment:

Baghouse Dust Collector

cyclone dust collector chemicalsThe type that is used most often is the Baghouse dust collector. With an efficiency rate of 99.97 percent, these units are versatile and can be easily utilized for different systems.

Baghouse Dust Collectors are ideally fitted to seize dusts which can be larger or extra difficult to easy. Dusts which might be high temperature or hygroscopic are better ideal for collection in baghouse dust collectors.

In addition, large dust sizes (extra than 50 microns) and better grain loadings (over five grains a cubic foot) are ideal for baghouse gadgets. Dusts that have a tendency to shape movies that solidify have to be dealt with in fabric baghouse creditors.

If hydrocarbons are present within the airstream, the identical problems may additionally arise. For those styles of applications, baghouses are endorsed due to the fact the dirt cake can also require flexing earlier than the cake will burst.

Some examples of dirt which can be collected using cloth filter in baghouses are:

  • flyash
  • coal
  • cement
  • lime
  • fiberglass
  • paper
  • plastic
  • sawdust
  • other stringy or irregular fashioned dusts

Industrial Cyclone Dust Collector

Industrial cyclone dust collector systems operate by forcing the incoming air to rotate around the center. As the air spins it also slows down, therefore causing the larger particles to fall.

The outcome is that cyclone dust collectors can be used by itself as a filter to separate the larger particles. That being said, these dust collectors can also capture larger debris before pushing the air into another, more granular, filtration system.

Centrifugal Fans - Backward Curved Wheels

Newer centrifugal fans are leaning toward backward curved wheels in dust collectors. These types of centrifugal fans provide more efficient ventilation and noise control.

Studies show backward curved wheels in dust collectors reduce energy costs compared to airfoil style blades. This is a significant improvement since dust collectors utilize variable flow in order to prevent from being overloaded or worse, downtime.

Industries Using Dust Collection Systems

Another important factor in dust collectors are the filter receivers. They are part of the processing system in a lot of the size reduction and thermal applications. They also collect pneumatic conveying.

Another important factor in dust collectors are the filter receivers. They are part of the processing system in a lot of the size reduction and thermal applications. They also collect pneumatic conveying.

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whats the difference between industrial dust collectors

Dust Collectors - What are the Differences?

Learn about the different types of dust collectors. Whether it’s a cyclone, baghouse, cartritge, or something else. Find out which one suits your needs.

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aget dust collection
Aget Manufacturer

AGET's dust & mist collectors are designed to run continuously with infrequent shutdowns for filter reconditioning and routine maintenance.

ACT dust collection
ACT Dust Collectors

Manufacturing new industrial dust collection systems, proudly made in the USA. Technicians and quality control teams ensure every single A.C.T. Dust Collector is up to our standards before stamping our serial number on it.

trion air

Clean air specialists since 1947, Trion provides indoor air quality solutions for kitchen, commercial and industrial markets.

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