Industrial Dust Collectors

Industrial dust collectors are designed to provide clean, safe, and breathable work environments.

From small buffing operations to large foundries and forging processes, there is a dust collection system for your specific application.

Continue reading to find out what the differences are and why a certain type is best for your application.

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There are many different types and styles of dust collectors. Depending on the application a commercial dust collector may be more beneficial than an industrial one.

A portable system, permanent source capture systems, or ambient dust collectors may be suitable for the application. They can be mounted indoors, outdoors or in hybrid areas like warehouses, harbors, freight yards, and garages.

What is the Purpose of a Dust Collection System?

A dust collection system’s purpose is to clean up the air by collecting and getting rid of dust, debris, and other small particles that are made by industrial processes or equipment. 

There are several key benefits to dust collection systems.

An industrial dust removal process in place assists heavy duty equipment to perform more efficiently. It also helps equipment last longer.

Additionally, dust collection systems can help reduce fire hazards by removing combustible dust particles.

They can provide up to 99.97% clean air efficiency that can be returned to the building.

  • Effective dust collection systems protect employees from the harmful effects of pollution.
  • Industrial dust collectors keep facilities compliant with health and air emission regulations.
  • Dust collection protects the environment from pollutants generated by manufacturing processes.

They keep the air clean in commercial shops as well as warehouses, factories, plants, and other places where safety standards for the environment must be met.

The purpose of a dust collector is that it extracts particles or dust from the air inside a structure and keeps it away from dangerous fumes and gases.

To summarize: equipment is made to filter and purify the air from dangerous dust contaminants. (OSHA Guideline on Combustible Dust)

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We’ll be happy to help explain which industrial dust collector is best for your application.

How do Dust Collection Systems Work?

Dust collection systems work by using a combination of air flow and filters to capture and remove dust particles from the air. The contaminated air is drawn into the system through an intake duct, where it passes through a special filter that captures the dust particles.

Baghouse food processing dust collection

Most of the time, these systems are made up of a dust collector, ductwork, and a set of filters and/or separators that take the dust out of the air.

Some systems may also have extra parts, like a cyclone separator, which help make the dust collection process more effective.

The filtered air is then let out of the system, and the dust is usually put in a bin or bag to be thrown away. It filters large amounts of air before returning the cleaned air.

In the end, the a commercial dust control system improves the IAQ of the working environment.

Types of Industrial Dust Collectors

Parts of Dust Collectors:

Commercial Dust Collection Systems

In industrial and commercial settings, commercial dust collectors remove the following from the air:

  • Dust
  • Debris
  • Particulate

Most of the time, they are used in factories, wood shops, construction sites, and other places where dust and other debris are made.

People often use commercial dust collectors for:

  • Woodworking
  • Metalworking
  • Welding
  • Sanding
  • Grinding
  • Working with powders

They are also used in air filtration systems for HVAC systems in commercial buildings, such as office buildings and retail stores.

Centrifugal Fans in Dust Collectors

Newer centrifugal fans are leaning toward backward-curved wheels in dust collectors. These types of centrifugal fans provide more efficient ventilation and noise control.

Studies show backward-curved wheels in dust collectors reduce energy costs compared to airfoil-style blades. This is a significant improvement since dust collectors utilize variable flow in order to prevent overloading or, worse, downtime.

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Dust Collector Manufactures

aget dust collection
Aget Manufacturer
ACT dust collection
ACT Dust Collectors

Dust Collector Applications

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