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Industrial cyclone dust collectors work by making the air that comes in spin around the middle.

As the air spins, it slows down, which makes the bigger particles fall to the ground.

The outcome is that cyclone dust collectors can be used by themselves as filters to separate the larger particles.

That being said, these dust collectors can also capture larger debris before pushing the air into another, more granular, filtration system.

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A Cyclone Dust Collector’s Advantages

What benefits does a cyclone dust collector offer?

Before the air stream goes through a second-stage filter or goes back into the environment, a cyclone dust collector separates and gets rid of almost all of the large particles.

Cyclone collectors are inexpensive, require little to no maintenance, and efficiently collect the majority of particles larger than 10 microns, allowing for the sending of less material to a secondary collector. 

In a pull-through cyclone collector, large particles are separated out before the fan wheel. This lets us design for the most airflow possible without having to worry about how well the fan can handle being pummeled and worn down by debris.

The dust collector with the highest cost-effectiveness is the cyclone separator.

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The Best Cyclone Separator to Use

We partner with manufacturers who provide a full range of cyclones so that the appropriate size collector can be selected for various air handling performance requirements.

We offer cyclone collectors that are both push-through and pull-through.

Larger cyclone models can handle more airflow and can be used in multiple dust-making processes at the same time. A cyclone dust collector can handle a lot of dust without sacrificing performance by using equipment and design that are at the forefront of the industry.

Not Sure Which Cyclone Dust Collector is Suitable?

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Pull-Through Cyclone Dust Collectors

We offer a pull-through cyclone dust collector that is easy to use and made of high-quality materials to collect dust for many years with little upkeep. 

The units are completely weatherproof for indoor or outdoor installation.

How the Pull-Through Cyclone Works

Air that is already dirty is sucked into the cyclone, where the spinning action pulls dust out of the air stream and drops it into the dust storage container. 

Cleaned air is discharged through the side outlet transition. The aluminum fan, which is incapable of starting a fire, is on the “clean air” side of the cyclone. This prevents the fan wheel from getting worn down.

Pull-Through (Bag-Type After Filter) Dust Collectors

A 2-stage, industrial-grade dust collector, the pull-through industrial cyclone has two stages.  

It has a high-efficiency pull-through cyclone that efficiently removes wood chips and dust from the air, as well as a bag-style after-filter that collects any fine dust that is left and returns clean air to the work area. 

The end result is a compact, low-cost collection system that is simple to use. It is suitable for intermittent or lighter-duty applications. 

This type of cyclone dust collector is reliable, requires little maintenance, and saves money over the years.

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