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The Petroleum Oil and Gas Industry demands a level of reliability that only the highest quality industrial ventilation equipment can provide. The refining process produces heat, corrosion, noise, moisture and fumes unlike any other. Because the process touches all of our lives the process also requires a level of dependency unlike any other. Ventilation of all aspects of the process require fans, blowers, make-up air and air pollution control to protect not only the site, process and employees, but also the people it serves and the surrounding community. In many case explosives gases and asphyxiation equipment is part of the ventilation system. Explosion rated controls and components suitable for a Class 1 Division 1 are required and applied accordingly. The equipment we provide checks all of the boxes, suitable for heavy duty, explosive duty, corrosive duty and moisture laden applications. Our equipment will provide a quiet and clean environment for the site and the surrounding community. R. Williamson & Associates provides the experience, knowledge and ability to satisfy this marketplace.

filtration equipment

dust collectors
gas turbines
filter banks

Heavy Duty Centrifugal Fans

process cooling
general ventilation

Heavy Duty VaneAxial Fans

in-line process ventilation
tank lid raising

Heavy Duty Turbo Pressure Blowers

high pressure fans

corrosive duty ventilation

PVC Duct
fiberglass fans


All levels
Merv 1 - 20



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