Commercial Air Curtains

commercial air curtainThe best way to invite someone in begins with opening a door. In a commercial or retail setting where you want to invite a constant flow of people is to keep the doors open.

But how do you keep the doors open and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature? A commercial air curtain or air door is the answer.

While keeping the doors open and inviting customers in an air curtain will provide a barrier using streams of air keep the outside, outside and the inside, inside.

Cold weather, warm weather, whatever the climate an air curtain provides the separation necessary to keep the doors open.

In addition to being incredibly inviting, an air door offers several other benefits.

Commercial Air Door

Commercial air door is another name for air curtains. There are many types of commercial air doors to fit a variety of applications.

From the front of the business to the back of the business there is a commercial air door to protect the opening. Custom commercial air doors are available upon request.

A basic air door provides an untempered stream of air to protect an opening. This works very well but in colder climates an air door can also offer the benefit of supplemental heat.

Supplemental heat using an air curtain provides a powerful heater and recirculation tool that significantly reduces the load on the central HVAC system. Several methods of heat are available:

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Fiberglass Fan FRP

If the application environment is corrosive, chemically contaminated or moisture-laden then FRP fiberglass fans are best to ensure the longevity & less downtime.

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Commercial Air Curtains Features

High performance commercial air curtains can be mounted up to 16 feet above a door. The finish is customizable to incorporate into the application’s design.

Electric heated air curtains are the most commonly found in today’s commercial applications. Some features in electric heaters are exclusive to commercial units.

Air curtains with an electric heater can be customized to fit your desired application. The heater can operate every time the door opens and/or provide supplemental heat using an onboard or remote thermostat.

These units prevent heat loss while introducing filtered heat. A factory installed speed / fan switch is installed and can be activated at the unit or remotely using a smart device. 

Contact a reputable supplier for heated air curtain installation.

Advantages of Commercial Air Curtains

There are plenty of additional benefits to commercial air curtains.

Additional benefits of air curtains for commercial applications are:


Air curtains with media filters and sanitizers clean indoor air using filters and Ultra Violet Light. This reduces indoor pollutants while simultaneously preventing bugs and pollutants from entering.

They act as an invisible barrier over an entrance door, stopping dust, bad odors, and pollution from affecting customers and staff.

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Read a Case Study on How Air Curtains Helped a Local Restaurant Increase Revenue by 25%!

Energy Efficient Air Curtains

The energy savings provided by commercial air curtains pay for themselves and in some cases in less than a year (Source). By stopping infiltration at the source and reducing the amount of energy required from the HVAC system the air curtain will provide a return on investment.

A secondary benefit, but no less important is the reduction in carbon footprint. Air curtains facilitate a significant reduction in energy used by the HVAC system.

This reduction in operation directly translates to a reduction in energy usage and the CO2 that would have been emitted.

The result is a greener approach to HVAC that has been proven and offers potential LEED credits to new construction. Click the link to find out if industrial air curtains are better suited for your application.

Improves Safety

Heated commercial air curtains are able to maintain dry floors, which is beneficial for customer and staff safety.

In case of an emergency, such as a fire, the air curtain acts as a barrier between 2 areas. This limits or at least slows the progression of a fire. Since the air curtains are over entrance doors, people are able to evacuate without obstruction.

Sizes Available

The most common sizes for commercial air curtains are:

Commercial air curtains are available for your customized application. In addition to various air door sizes, there are various installation options such as horizontal, vertical or recessed.

Speak with a qualified representative to assess your application.

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Air Curtains for Food Service

Food service stands to benefit from air curtains for a variety of reasons. Consistent temperatures and flying pest control. Both of these benefits ensure that the produce will stay fresh, salable and inviting longer.

In the food service industry, an air curtain can provide tremendous value over time.

Not only by reducing energy costs, but keeping pests and pathogens away from food products in the grocery store, and even grocery distribution centers.

Also available are air curtains with ETL sanitation certifications (more info at intertek site) for food service applications.

Restaurants & Drive-Thru Window Commercial Air Curtains

air curtain drive thru windowAir curtains for restaurants and drive-thru windows are a necessity on several fronts. By using air curtains, a restaurant can separate the dining area, back-of-the-house kitchen area, and drive-thru.

The dining area is a high traffic area. The door is continually opening, letting out conditioned air, while letting the outside air in. While the door is open, unwanted pests can enter the restaurant. This decreases the chances of customers having a positive experience.

A restaurant air door also has the added benefit of keeping the delicious smells from escaping the dining room.

Restaurant kitchens or food service areas need to apply strict fly and insect control, and an air door stops these pests from entering the facility. Keeping food pathogens and contaminants away from food is imperative as well.

If your restaurant has a drive-thru window then an air curtain is necessary. Not only to keep temperatures separate, but the air curtain in a drive-thru window keeps the outside exhaust and pollutants from potentially coming inside and contaminating food, causing unpleasant odors, and generally making staff and customers uncomfortable.

Air Curtain for Retail Stores

over door air door retail

Retail stores have doors that constantly open & close. These actions allow for air, dust, allergens, and pests to make their way in with the customers.

Adding a commercial air door in a retail store allows customers to enter, while keeping unwanted contaminants out.

If noise is a concern, most air curtains offer variable speed operation offering quiet operation. The reduced noise pollution gives a much more inviting feeling once customers enter.

In most cases commercial air curtains are set up to operate automatically. There are air curtain accessories that turn on the unit whenever the door opens and off when it closes, time delays, scheduling software, time clocks and more.

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