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commercial air curtain, air curtain commercial, air curtain over doorCommercial air curtains are the best way to improve the climate inside and save energy at the same time.

They provide a uniform temperature, keep out dust and insects, and help to save on energy costs.

They reduce your energy costs while also enhancing your customers’ comfort and indoor climate. 

Commercial air curtains increase comfort by allowing the doors to remain open while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Guests are welcomed inside when doors are left open, and the commercial air curtain above the door creates an invisible airflow barrier that separates the inside from the outside air.

Continue reading to learn about the different types of air curtains, which one is best for your application and discover the benefits.

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Air Curtains for Doors

Commercial air doors are another name for air curtains. There are several types of commercial air curtains for doors to fit a variety of applications.

Now, when we talk about commercial air curtains, we are referring to air curtains that are specifically designed for commercial use rather than residential or industrial use.

These air curtains are typically larger and more powerful than other types of air curtains, and they are designed to accommodate high-volume traffic in commercial buildings such as shopping malls, airports, and hospitals.

From the front of the business to the back of the business, there is a commercial air door to protect the opening.

Custom commercial air curtains for doors are available upon request.

In addition to making customers feel very welcome, commercial air curtains for doors have many other advantages, such as:

Quiet Air Curtain

Quiet air curtains operate with a minimal amount of noise. This kind of commercial air curtain is often used in environments where noise levels are a concern, such as in retail stores, libraries, museums, or other public spaces where a peaceful atmosphere is essential.

Quiet air curtains are designed with sound-dampening materials and feature quiet, low-noise fan motors, which help reduce the overall noise level of the air curtain. 

Additionally, quiet air curtains can be designed with an aerodynamic shape and optimized airflow patterns, which helps to minimize turbulence and reduce noise.

Their unique design and specialized components help to ensure a quiet and unobtrusive operation while still providing the benefits of an air curtain, such as improved indoor air quality, reduced energy costs, and enhanced comfort.

Quiet air curtains are also equipped with variable-speed operation. This feature allows full control of the fan speed depending on the noise and application requirements.

In most cases, quiet air curtains are set to operate automatically. 

There are air curtain accessories that turn on the unit whenever the door opens and off when it closes, time delays, scheduling software, time clocks, and more.

Commercial Air Curtains Features

High-performance commercial air curtains can be mounted up to 10 feet above a door. The finish is customizable to incorporate into the application’s design.

Electric-heated air curtains are the most commonly found in today’s commercial applications. Some features of electric heaters are exclusive to commercial units.

Air curtains with an electric heater can be customized to fit your desired application. The heater can turn on every time the door opens, or an onboard or remote thermostat can be used to add more heat.

These units prevent heat loss while introducing filtered heat. A factory-installed speed / fan switch is installed and can be activated at the unit or remotely using a smart device. 

Contact a reputable supplier for heated air curtain installation.

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Types of Commercial Air Curtains

A basic air door provides an untempered stream of air to protect an opening. This works very well, but in colder climates, an commercial overhead door heater can offer the benefit of supplemental heat.

When used as supplemental heating, an air curtain is a powerful heater and air recirculation tool that reduces the central HVAC system load.

Several methods of tempering air are available, which include:

The application and requirements help determine which heating method is best.

A brief description of each type:

Electric Heated Air Curtains

The air that is blown across the doorway is warmed by electric heating elements in these air curtains. They are considered to be one of the more convenient options, as they are easy to install and can be used in a variety of applications. 

Hot Water Heated Air Curtains

This type of heated air curtain uses hot water to warm the air that is blown across the doorway. Most of the time, this option uses less energy than electric heated air curtains, but it does need a water source and a plumbing system to work.

Steam Heated Air Curtains

Steam-heated air curtains use steam to warm the air that is blown across the doorway. They are often used in industrial settings and can be a bit more complicated to install and maintain than the other types of heated air curtains.

Indirect-Gas Fired Air Curtains

Indirect gas-fired air curtains use a heat exchanger to heat the air that is blown across the doorway. This kind of air curtain is often used in commercial and industrial settings where a lot of heat is needed but a direct gas fire is not possible or desirable due, among other reasons, to the occupants.

Indirect gas-fired air curtains provide a consistent, even heat, and they are typically more energy-efficient than electric-heated air curtains.

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Advantages of Commercial Air Curtains

There are plenty of additional benefits to commercial air curtains.

Additional benefits of air curtains for commercial applications are:


  • Maintains temperature
  • Prevents bugs & pests from entering
  • Significantly reduces fumes, dust, and odors from entering
  • AMCA certified
  • Meets ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2019
  • Filter is washable
  • Virus elimination

Air curtains with media filters and sanitizers clean indoor air using filters and UV light. This reduces indoor pollutants while simultaneously preventing bugs and pollutants from entering.

They create an invisible barrier over an entrance door that keeps dust, bad smells, and pollution from getting to customers and staff.

Energy Efficient

  • Reduces the HVAC load
  • Decreases energy expenses
  • CO2 emissions are reduced

Commercial air curtains pay for themselves in energy savings, and in some cases in less than a year (source). The air curtain will pay for itself by stopping leaks at their source and reducing the amount of energy the HVAC system needs to use.

A secondary benefit, but no less important, is the reduction in carbon footprint. Air curtains facilitate a significant reduction in the energy used by the HVAC system.

This change in operation directly leads to less energy use and less CO2 being released into the environment.

The result is a greener approach to HVAC that has been proven and offers potential LEED credits for new construction.

Click the link to learn more about industrial air curtains to see if they are better suited for your application.

Improves Safety

  • Keeps floors dry
  • Prevents fires from spreading
  • Easier evacuation in case of an emergency


In case of an emergency, such as a fire, the air curtain acts as a barrier between 2 areas. This limits or at least slows the progression of a fire. Since the air curtains are over entrance doors, people are able to evacuate without obstruction.

Heated Air Curtains

There are a lot of reasons why heated air curtains are a nice supplement to HVAC system.

One significant advantage of heated air curtains is their ability to provide energy savings. By creating a barrier of warm air, they help to prevent the escape of warm air from inside a building and the entry of cold air from outside. 

Another benefit of heated air curtains is that they keep pollutants and other bad things from coming in from the outside. This can be especially helpful in places like hospitals, labs, and restaurants where clean air is important.

Heated air curtains can also help people feel more comfortable by keeping the temperature in a building more even. This can be especially helpful in places where the there are big swings in temperature.

They provide energy savings, improve indoor air quality, increase occupant comfort, improve safety, and help keep pests out.

Heated air curtains can keep floors dry, which is good for the safety of both customers and staff.

Commercial Air Curtain Sizes

The most common sizes for commercial air curtains are:

  • 36″
  • 42″
  • 48″
  • 72″
  • 96″

Commercial air curtains are available for your customized application. In addition to various air door sizes, there are various installation options, such as horizontal, vertical, or recessed.

Speak with a qualified representative to assess your application.

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