Commercial Air Curtains

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Commercial air curtains are the best way to improve the climate inside and save energy simultaneously.

They provide a uniform temperature, keep out dust and insects, and help to save on energy costs.

They reduce energy costs while enhancing your customers’ comfort and indoor climate.

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Commercial air curtains increase comfort by allowing the doors to remain open while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Guests are welcomed inside when doors are left open, and the commercial air curtain above the door creates an invisible airflow barrier that separates the inside from the outside air.

Continue reading to learn about the different types of air curtains, which one is best for your application and discover the benefits.

Watch How Air Curtains Prevent Smoke from Entering

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Commercial Air Curtains for Doors

Tailored for commercial use, they serve a different purpose than the residential and industrial grade variants.

Designed for high-traffic locations like shopping malls, airports, and hospitals, these larger and more powerful air curtains can withstand heavier use.

For specialized needs, custom commercial air curtains for doors can be ordered.

Beyond creating a welcoming atmosphere, these curtains bring numerous benefits, such as:

Innovative Quiet Air Curtain on the Rise

Designed for noise-sensitive areas like retail stores, libraries, and museums, quiet air curtains operate with minimal sound.

Crafted with sound-dampening materials and low-noise fan motors, these models ensure a peaceful atmosphere.

Aerodynamic shapes and optimized airflow patterns minimize turbulence and further reduce noise levels.

Unique design and specialized components maintain quiet, unobtrusive operation while delivering air curtain benefits.

Equipped with variable-speed operation, these curtains offer full control based on noise and application requirements.

In automatic mode, they seamlessly operate with accessories that sync with door movements, time delays, scheduling software, and more.


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Types of Commercial Air Curtains

A basic air door provides an untempered stream of air to protect an opening. This works very well, but in colder climates, an commercial overhead door heater can offer the benefit of supplemental heat.

When used as supplemental heating, an air curtain is a powerful heater and air recirculation tool that reduces the central HVAC system load.

Several methods of tempering air are available, which include:

Heated Air Curtains that Enhance HVAC Efficiency:

Heated air curtains offer numerous advantages for various applications.

Energy Savings:

  • Forming a warm air barrier, heated air curtains prevent the escape of warm air and the intrusion of cold air, resulting in energy savings.

Indoor Air Quality:

  • They act as a barrier against pollutants, making them ideal for hospitals, labs, and restaurants where clean air is crucial.

Comfort and Safety:

  • Even temperature distribution enhances occupant comfort, especially in places with significant temperature variations.
  • Keeps floors dry, contributing to both customer and staff safety.


  • Suitable for a range of applications, heated air curtains offer benefits such as improved safety, and energy efficiency.

Types of Heated Air Curtains

Electric Heated Air Curtains:

  • Warm the air with electric heating elements.
  • Convenient and easy to install, suitable for various applications.

Hot Water Heated Air Curtains:

  • Utilize hot water to warm the air.
  • Generally, lower energy consumption compared to electric options, requiring a water source and plumbing system.

Steam Heated Air Curtains:

  • Use steam for heating, often in industrial settings.
  • Installation and maintenance can be more complex.

Indirect Gas-Fired Air Curtains:

  • Employ a heat exchanger for consistent, even heating.
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial settings, offering energy efficiency without a direct gas fire.
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There are plenty of additional benefits to commercial air curtains.

Additional benefits of air curtains for commercial applications are:


  • Maintains temperature
  • Prevents bugs & pests from entering
  • Significantly reduces fumes, dust, and odors from entering
  • AMCA certified
  • Meets ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2019
  • Filter is washable
  • Virus elimination

Air curtains with media filters and sanitizers clean indoor air using filters and UV light. This reduces indoor pollutants while simultaneously preventing bugs and pollutants from entering.

They create an invisible barrier over an entrance door that keeps dust, bad smells, and pollution from getting to customers and staff.

Energy Efficient

  • Reduces the HVAC load
  • Decreases energy expenses
  • CO2 emissions are reduced

Commercial air curtains pay for themselves in energy savings, and in some cases in less than a year (source). The air curtain will pay for itself by stopping leaks at their source and reducing the amount of energy the HVAC system needs to use.

A secondary benefit, but no less important, is the reduction in carbon footprint. Air curtains facilitate a significant reduction in the energy used by the HVAC system.

This change in operation directly leads to less energy use and less CO2 being released into the environment.

The result is a greener approach to HVAC that has been proven and offers potential LEED credits for new construction.

Click the link to learn more about industrial air curtains to see if they are better suited for your application.

Improves Safety

  • Keeps floors dry
  • Prevents fires from spreading
  • Easier evacuation in case of an emergency


In case of an emergency, such as a fire, the air curtain acts as a barrier between 2 areas. This limits or at least slows the progression of a fire. Since the air curtains are over entrance doors, people are able to evacuate without obstruction.

Commercial Air Curtain Sizes

The most common sizes for commercial air curtains are:

  • 36″
  • 42″
  • 48″
  • 72″
  • 96″

Commercial air curtains are available for your customized application. In addition to various air door sizes, there are various installation options, such as horizontal, vertical, or recessed.

Speak with a qualified representative to assess your application.

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