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As an authorized distributor of Envira-North Systems’ premier industrial HVAC solutions, we make their energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products available to local facilities.

Envira-North is recognized globally for optimizing building performance through sustainable systems tailored to each site.

Contact us for a customized quote on implementing Envira-North industrial ventilation that will improve the efficiency and sustainability of your operations.

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EcoPower Exhaust Fan

The EcoPower® from Envira-North delivers reliable, energy-efficient hybrid ventilation. It combines one unit’s mechanical and natural ventilation modes with an advanced electronically commutated (EC) motor built into the fan head.

In windy conditions, the EcoPower® spins freely to maximize airflow. When wind is insufficient, the EC motor boosts ventilation on demand, ensuring adequate air circulation. The integrated system maintains indoor air quality and thermal comfort with minimum energy consumption.

Key features include simultaneous mixed-mode operation and an efficient German EC motor design. With intelligent controls, the EcoPower® ventilator can utilize wind power while mechanically ventilating.


About Envira-North

Envira-North is passionate about producing high-grade equipment that adheres to its vision. They are making the environment safer, one air movement system at a time.

This has encouraged an increasing number of customers to switch over to their products.

They have been perceived as an overall need to decrease vitality utilization by adding to the adequacy of warming, cooling, and ventilation frameworks.

Their products, such as HVLS fans and frameworks, empower structures to perform better, save money on warming, cooling, and mechanical working expenses, and provide more beneficial conditions to the tenants of the structure.

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