UV-C Disinfection Equipment


Every facility in every industry requires a high level of indoor air quality to keep the building and people within it safe. At R. Williamson & Associates, located in Chicago, Illinois, we have the UV-C disinfection solutions you need for modern times.

UV Air Disinfection Systems

UV-C germicidal lamps, UV-C sterilization wands, and  UV-C emitters provide a level of disinfection and sterilization that other systems cannot compare to. UV-C air and surface disinfection systems pick up where traditional media and HEPA filters stop. Media based filters will trap particulate, dust, and bacteria to a specific level as rated by the filter.

HEPA filters are better at trapping airborne particulates than media based filters, but lack a crucial component when compared to UV-C disinfection. Germicidal UV lamps and lights and provide an extreme level of protection that kills living organisms in it’s path, such as:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Mold
  • Other Pathogens

How UV Surface Disinfection Kills Bacteria

Scientifically speaking, UV-C is one of the three ultraviolet wavelengths in the light spectrum. UV-C light is in itself germicidal, meaning it deactivates the DNA of viruses, bacteria, and other airborne pathogens.

This unique characteristic allows  for UV-C light (for example, from a UVC light sanitizing wand) to disinfect air and surfaces, providing the ultimate solution to completely destroying bacteria and viruses.

Whether you are processing meat in a factory, working out in public gym, or working in a populated office, the air you breath is essential to your performance. Ensuring that the products, services, and facilities you are providing to people is clean and sanitary is important to your processes and every process supporting you.

Germicidal UV lights and lamps are essential for a clean, safe, and sanitary working environment to maintain excellent health, and because the disinfection process touches all of our lives, the process also requires a level of dependency unlike any other.

Applications for UV-C air and surface disinfection are:

UV germicidal lamps for surface sterilization can be provided as a hand held UV-C light wand or portable cart. These UV-C light wands and disinfection systems protect not only the site, process, and employees, but also the people it serves and the surrounding community.

The UV-C disinfection equipment we provide checks all of the boxes. 

Our products are suitable for:

All these applications are covered while also providing a quiet, clean, sterile and sanitary environment for the site and the surrounding community.  R. Williamson & Associates provides the experience, knowledge and ability to satisfy this marketplace. For more information on our UV-C air and surface disinfection lamps and light wands, contact us today!

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