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United Enertech Supplier, united enertech distributorR. Williamson & Associates is proud to be an official distributor of United Enertech products, a leading mechanical and architectural air movement and control manufacturer based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

They specialize in creating innovative and reliable solutions for the commercial, industrial, and power generation markets and offer a wide range of products.

Offering a wide range of products including dampers, louvers, roof curbs, and rails, sunshades, drop plenum supply and concentric diffusers, access doors, ventilators, and UV products.

United Enertech Louvers

As authorized United Enertech distributors, we supply louvers tailored to your ventilation needs.

Available options include extruded aluminum or formed steel in drainable, operable, and impact-resistant Miami-Dade configurations.

Our team can recommend the best louver based on your performance requirements, climate, codes, and budget.

We provide fast quotes, competitive pricing, and responsive support.

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We are the official distributors of the US manufacturer, United Enertech. As official suppliers, we’ll be happy to help explain the best louver for your application.

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United Enertech Products

As United Enertech distributors, we supply the following commercial and industrial products:

United Enertech Louvers

United Enertech offers a variety of louvers, including fixed louvers, brick vent louvers, and penthouse louvers.


We provide a variety of sunshades to suit different building styles and climates for commercial and industrial applications.

Intake Gravity Ventilator

Offering a range of Intake Gravity Ventilators that provide fresh air and improve indoor air quality.

Drop Diffuser Plenum

A DPD (Drop Diffuser Plenum) is an air distribution device that delivers air from a plenum space above a suspended ceiling. United Enertech offers a range of DPDs, including the DP4 and SFL4.

United Enertech products are designed to provide effective solutions for commercial building, industrial, and power generation markets. They are high-quality, innovative, and reliable, providing customers with the best air movement and control products in the industry.

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We are official distributors for United Enertech and other manufacturers that provide similar products. As official representatives, we’ll be happy to help explain the best louver for your application.

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Customization & Support

As an official supplier of United Enertech, we know that each industrial setting is unique and requires a customized ventilation solution. That’s why we offer options for customization to fit specific industrial ventilation needs.

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians will work with you closely to develop a personalized solution that fits your exact requirements. Whether you need a custom damper, louver, or ventilator from United Enertech, we can provide you with a tailored solution that meets your needs.

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