Using Oil & Mist Collectors in CNC Milling Machining

Oil & mist Collectors, also known as coolant collectors, are used to collect and concentrate all the oil that is released into the machine. They are designed to be mounted on the spindle of a CNC milling machine. Oil and mist collectors help milling services by removing oil and mist from the air.

oil & mist collector for cnc machine

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CNC milling and other machining processes produce oil mist, which spreads throughout the air. When exposed to high temperatures, they emit oil smoke. Both smoke and oil mist has the potential to contaminate CNC milling machining parts.

Furthermore, the smoke can endanger the workers’ health. That is why oil and mist collectors are critical to maintaining a secure work environment.

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Why should we use oil and mist collectors in milling machining

It is essential to use oil and mist collectors in CNC milling services. They help prevent contamination of the workplace, which may affect the quality of your finished product. By reducing the amount of dust allowed into the air, oil & mist collectors can help improve workplace safety and environmental quality.

These units effectively remove particles as small as 2.5 microns, which is much smaller than the diameter of most dust particles. This makes them a particularly effective tool for controlling contamination levels in high-volume production environments such as foundries and metal fabrication shops.

There are different types of oil mist collectors. The most common type is the activated carbon filter (more info). Activated carbon filters are made up of a bed of activated carbon impregnated with a binding material. The activated carbon filters the air by adsorbing the oil and mist onto the surface of the activated carbon.

Coolant mist collectors are typically made up of a series of baffles that direct the mist away from the work area. The most common type of coolant mist collector is the high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. HEPA filters are made up of a series of pleated paper that is designed to trap and remove particles from the air.

The oil and mist collectors that a CNC milling service provider uses are designed to work in various environments. They can be used in a clean room environment, in a workshop environment, or in a production environment.  The oil and mist collectors that are used on CNC milling machines are also designed to work with a variety of different textures of materials like metals, plastics, and other types of smooth, rough, or textured materials.

How to choose the right oil & mist collector

There are a number of things to consider when choosing oil and mist collectors for CNC milling services.

The type of machine being used is the first consideration. Custom CNC milling machines come in a variety of sizes and configurations, and each type of machine has its own specific requirements.

The type of work you are going to perform is the second consideration. Different types of milling machining parts require different types of oil and mist collectors. For example, work that requires high speed and precision may require a different type of unit than work that is performed at lower speeds.

Another important consideration is how often the machine will be running. If the machine runs for a long time, it will produce more byproducts. So, it would be best to calculate the working time before selecting proper machinery.

The environment where you will use the machine is the third consideration. Oil and mist collectors designed for clean rooms may not be appropriate for use in dusty or dirty environments.

When choosing a unit, it is important to consider all of these factors to ensure that the best possible collector is selected for the application.

How to set the oil & mist collectors in CNC milling

Oil & mist collectors usually consist of several parts, including a filter, a collector, and a pump.

  • The filter is used to remove any solid particles from the air that might be present.
  • The collector is used to collect the oil and mist from the atmosphere.
  • The pump is used to circulate the collected oil and mist through the collector so that it can be collected.

To install an oil mist collector, you have to identify the location of the CNC machine first. This helps determine the size of the machine that is needed. The size of the unit is be based on the amount of byproduct that is generated by the CNC machine.

Once the size of the oil mist collector has been determined, you can install the collector.

Firstly, attach the oil mist collector to the side of the CNC machine; Connect the inlet and outlet hoses to the oil mist collector; Connect the power cord to the oil mist collector; Turn on the oil mist collector; The final step is monitoring the oil mist collector to ensure it is operating correctly


Using oil and mist collectors in CNC milling services can be extremely beneficial in reducing the amount of oil and mist produced during the machining process.

By using these collectors, it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of oil and mist emitted into the air, creating a healthier and more pleasant working environment for employees.

In addition, using oil and mist collectors can also help reduce the amount of noise produced during the machining process.

Carefully selecting the right oil and mist collector can be a tough task. That is why it is best to speak with a qualified engineer in the field.

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