Hunter Industrial Fans Manufacturer

Hunter Industrial Fans is an industry leader in commercial and industrial HVLS fans, general circulation, personnel cooling, heat destratification and heat recovery.

Hunter Industrial fans manufactures a variety of commercial & industrial and HVLS fans that we supply. Hunter’s high-volume, low-speed fans are 50% more efficient than competitors and range in size from 7 feet through 24 feet. All voltages are available and can be run manually or automatically. Click on the link below to view our HVLS fans!


Heating Make-up Air

• Indirect Fired Heat
• Direct Fired Heat
• Hot Water Heat
• Steam Heat

Untempered Make-up Air

• Filtered Fan Box
• Unfiltered Fan Box

Air Rotation / Recirculation Systems

• Indirect Fired Heat
• Direct Fired Heat
• Hot Water Heat
• Steam Heat
• Chilled Water Cooling
• DX Cooling • Filtered

Custom Air Handling Solutions

• Our team has the resources to provide you with a solution to meet your specific requirements.

Cooled Make-up Air

• Chilled Water Cooling
• DX Cooling
• Evaporative Cooling

Door Heaters

• Direct Gas Fired Door Heaters

Paint Booth / HTLV Heating Systems

• Spray & Bake Paint Systems

Energy & Heat Recovery Systems

• We can provide equipment with heat exchangers designed for recovery of waste heat from facility processes.

Engineering & Service Support Services

• Full Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Services
• Startup & Repair Service


Outstanding Service

Hunter’s HVLS fans are light and easy to install. They move more air than any other industrial ceiling fan on the market. Hunter provides an industry-leading warranty policy.

With their aluminum blades and stainless steel hardware, Hunter Industrial fans are perfect for indoor or outdoor applications. They are damp-rated and rust-resistant. Contact R. Williamson & Associates today to find a product that meets your needs.

hunter fan Applications

Hunter Industrial Fans are most commonly seen in:

  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Exposition centers
  • Arenas

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