Top 4 Ways that Make-Up Air Units Help

how make up air unit helps

Is your facility constantly battling air pressure problems—equipment struggling, indoor air quality suffering, utility bills soaring? Do rooms often feel too stuffy, too drafty, or just plain uncomfortable?

If so, you’re likely struggling with an imbalanced ventilation flow. Negative air pressure wreaks silent havoc in all buildings, creating hidden health hazards, driving up energy waste, and accelerating wear and tear on infrastructure.

Luckily, makeup air units restore harmony.

Like an air pressure referee, MUAs gracefully balance intake and exhaust levels before pressure issues spread.

By expertly stabilizing your facility’s ventilation flow, an MUA offers bountiful benefits:

  • Healthier, happier occupants with optimized air quality and temperature
  • Longer-lasting building frames and infrastructure thanks to reduced strain
  • Lower utility bills through improved equipment efficiency
  • Reliable full-time performance from machinery freed from overworking
  • Makeup air prevents pressure problems (ashrae source) from squeezing the life out of your property and people.

Let’s explore MUA’s advantages for facilities further—you’ll see firsthand how proper ventilation balance saves money, preserves assets, and protects what matters most.

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In summary, a building under a negative is dangerous, unhealthy and costs significantly more to operate.

Conquering Negative Air Pressure Beats Absenteeism, Restores Air Quality

When the building pressure is off balance, the number of air changes required to maintain a healthy environment for occupants suffers.

An example is if a production space has more exhaust than intake, the negative pressure will draw air from outside that space, most often an office area, to try to balance the pressure.

This robs those other areas of the building of the air required to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

Think about the rush of cold air through the main entrance of an office space. This happens because the building is trying to neutralize pressure, and that opening is the path of least resistance.

protect employees make up air stops cold air draftsThe lack of uniform fresh air throughout a space with a negative pressure allows more germs, bacteria, viruses, and mold to remain stagnant. It promotes a more concentrated exposure to the people within the space, causing a higher probability of employees being out sick. (click here to learn how UV lights can sanitize indoor air)

Adding make-up air will be a negative air pressure solution that will promote air movement, dilute the air, and lower the concentrations of contaminants within the building.

The benefits of this fresh, conditioned (tempered) air back into the building are healthy employees, improved work efficiency, reduced absenteeism, and potentially company health insurance premiums.

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Restore Facility Infrastructure with Balanced Airflow

Large differences between indoor and outdoor air pressure can put extra stress on buildings and warehouses.

negative air pressure solutions, doors hard to open because of negative pressureDoors become hard to open. Windows gets pulled out of place. Walls can collapse.

It’s like a tug of war between the inside and outside, with doors and windows caught in the middle. The constant force wears them out faster. This pressure also reduces the lifespan while increasing the necessity of maintenance on the structure itself.

dust debris removal with muaDust and dirt also sneak in through new gaps and clog up vents and hardware (click to view filters).

A make-up air unit balances the air pressure so the structure stops fighting itself. It’s like a pressure release valve, ensuring the inside and outside air get along.

This takes stress off the building materials, so everything lasts longer. It keeps the structure in good shape for many years.

Adding make-up air will create a neutral pressure that will eliminate the stresses on a building.

Think about the rush of cold air through the main entrance of an office space. This happens because the building is trying to neutralize pressure, and that opening is the path of least resistance.

Learn how UV lights in an HVAC unit can help sanitize an office space

Prevent Toxic Leaks, Protect Equipment Integrity

When a building lacks adequate fresh air, it pulls from anywhere to compensate. This often means sucking exhaust back inside from furnaces, flues, and other equipment, venting out carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other contaminants.

Breathing these normally vented-out gases creates invisible health hazards.

Starved for air, the intake sides of equipment also falter. Like pinching a garden hose, the imbalance disrupts smooth airflow.

Faulty combustion allows contaminants to sneak by and stress systems.

It’s a vicious cycle – struggling equipment worsens indoor pressure problems. The instability accelerates wear and tear on equipment, demanding costly early repairs.

A makeup air unit prevents this spiral by evenly balancing interior air pressure. The unit acts as a referee, allowing inside and outside flows to coexist peacefully.

fresh air is pushed in and stale fumes odor air is pushed outWith ample fresh air, combustion equipment can operate normally without spewing hazards into occupied spaces or breaking down prematurely.

Makeup air brings diplomatic solutions to indoor air conflicts.

A good example of a building under a negative pressure is one where the doors are difficult to open and when open the air rushes in.

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Slash Bills, Stop Premature Breakdowns with Airflow Balance

Picture an air handler straining to suck air through a building with negative pressure, like trying to drink a McFlurry through a straw.

This extra workload translates into higher energy bills, premature breakdowns, and costly repairs.

A makeup air unit fixes these issues. 

By evenly balancing indoor and outdoor air pressure, makeup units allow HVAC components to breathe freely.

No longer overexerting themselves: fans spin easier, and equipment lasts longer.

It’s a win-win – lighter equipment workloads translate into over a third less HVAC energy consumption (source).

Balancing the air also means fewer repairs. With less strain on the system, things break less often.

Simply put, it prevents problems down the road.

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