Berner DTU03-2026AA

Unheated 26" Air Curtain

DTU03 Drive-Thru

(Includes unit mounted switch & 24v automatic door switch)

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Drive-Thru Air Curtain 26" | Berner DTU03-2026AA | Unheated
Product Description

Berner DTU03 26″ Air Curtain: Optimal Protection and Comfort for Restaurant Drive-Thru Employees

The Berner DTU03 26″ Air Curtain is a powerful, compact, easy-to-install solution for quick-service restaurant (QSR) drive-thru windows.

This air curtain addresses the unique challenges of drive-thru employees, ensuring their comfort, safety, and productivity even in larger window openings.

DTU03 26″ Key Benefits

  • Enhanced employee protection: Keeps out airborne particles, flying insects, car exhaust, and extreme temperatures, creating a healthier and more comfortable work environment for drive-thru staff.
  • Improved energy efficiency: Helps maintain consistent indoor temperatures, reducing the strain on HVAC systems and lowering energy costs.
  • Seamless integration: Compact design and clear satin anodized aluminum exterior cabinet allow easy integration into existing drive-thru window spaces, even for larger 26″ openings.
  • Easy installation and maintenance: The factory-installed “mount anywhere” bracket system and washable filter simplify installation and upkeep.
  • Increased productivity: The Berner DTU03 26″ Air Curtain can help reduce employee turnover and boost efficiency by creating a more comfortable and safer work environment.


  • Large QSR Drive-Thru Windows: Ideal for protecting employees and maintaining a comfortable environment at larger drive-thru window openings.
  • Oversized Pass-Thru Windows: These are perfect for keeping out insects, dust, and extreme temperatures at larger pass-thru windows in restaurants and other food service establishments.
  • Expansive Concession Windows: Helps maintain a pleasant working environment and ensures food safety at larger outdoor concession stands.

Key Takeaways

The Berner DTU03 26″ Air Curtain is essential for any QSR with larger drive-thru window openings, prioritizing employee well-being, energy efficiency, and overall productivity. Its compact design, powerful performance, and easy installation make it the perfect solution for oversized drive-thru windows, pass-thru windows, and concession stands.

Don’t let the challenges of larger window openings compromise your employees’ comfort and safety. Invest in the Berner DTU03 26″ Air Curtain and create a healthier, more efficient work environment for your drive-thru staff, no matter the size of your window.

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