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An Air curtain, also known as an air door, creates an invisible door that effectively separates ideal indoor and outdoor temperatures. They work by adding a streamlined, fast-moving air stream to prevent air penetrating through the open doorway.

By creating an air partition between two areas, it prevents outdoor air from entering and indoor air from escaping. This helps the HVAC system work more efficiently by protecting the air conditioned facilities. This in turn reduces overall energy costs. Energy efficient air curtains are an important factor.

The latest technology allows air doors to work systematically and maintain the optimum balance between velocity & volume. Having an optimized balance allows air doors to operate at a more comfortable sound level.

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Vestibules are no longer the most practical solution, either from an economical or architectural standpoint. It is recommended by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), that 7 feet of space should separate interior and exterior doorways (study). Simply put, they offer enhanced improvement to conditioned air movement in buildings.

They solve the aforementioned issues by offering the same advantages of a vestibule, but eliminate construction costs and substantially improve energy efficiency. It should also be noticed that they offer the benefit of additional floor space that would otherwise be consumed by a vestibule.

Pests and insects not only make life for clients, customers and staff uncomfortable, but they also have the ability to contaminate products in many industries. Areas like loading docks at a warehouse don’t have the luxury of shutting doors due to constant need of transporting goods. Therefore they are a practical solution to solve this issue.

They’re also useful in ensuring that harmful fumes or harsh irritants don’t affect staff.

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Choosing the Best Air Curtain

When choosing the best air curtain for your application there are several important points to consider.

Industrial Air Curtains

Industrial air curtains supply a lot more benefits aside from making a permeable barrier for ease of access. By installing air curtains, you are creating an environment that reduces toxins, bacteria, pollutants, and helps reduce odors.

Industrial air doors are useful in ensuring that harmful fumes or harsh irritants don’t affect staff. Many industrial areas require the use of harsh chemicals or create a lot of dust. By supplying industrial air doors, you can keep these fumes and particles out of the area.

Air curtains of industrial grade also provide a unique benefit for businesses that utilize airlocks for separating departments. By installing a unit, a company can maintain positive pressure within clean rooms, and reduce condensation in large storage areas such as warehouses.

Some of the unique applications and how industrial air curtains have benefited:

Hospitals & Labs

Hospitals and labs are two places where sanitary conditions are an absolute necessity to have air doors..

Some of the more important considerations are controlling energy usage, monitoring air quality, and making sure patients’ food is prepared in a hygienic environment.

Air Curtains for Loading Docks

Loading dock doors, high bay doors or any type of over sized roll-up door makes it difficult to control indoor temperature. A great amount of temperature controlled air is lost when the bay doors are opened. These bay doors tend to be slow to open and close. This factor alone reduces productivity and not energy efficient. This factor alone makes air curtains for loading docks more energy efficient.

It’s not practical to constantly open & close the large bay doors in order to save energy. Transporting goods using trolleys, forklifts and other transportation equipment needs to move about unhindered and efficiently around the loading bay doors. Therefore, air doors allow for the bay door to remain open.

Restaurants & Drive-Thru Window

air curtain drive thru windowAir curtains for restaurants and drive-thru windows are a necessity on several fronts. By using air curtains, a restaurant can separate the dining area, back-of-the-house kitchen area, and drive-thru.

The dining area is a high traffic area. The door is continually opening, letting out conditioned air, while letting the outside air in. While the door is open, unwanted pests can enter the restaurant. This decreases the chances of customers having a positive experience.

A restaurant air door also has the added benefit of keeping the delicious smells from escaping the dining room.

Restaurant kitchens or food service areas need to apply strict fly and insect control, and an air door stops these pests from entering the facility. Keeping food pathogens and contaminants away from food is imperative as well.

If your restaurant has a drive-thru window then an air curtain is necessary. Not only to keep temperatures separate, but the air curtain in a drive-thru window keeps the outside exhaust and pollutants from potentially coming inside and contaminating food, causing unpleasant odors, and generally making staff and customers uncomfortable.

Outdoor & Exterior Air Curtains

restaurant air curtainOutdoor air curtains are perfect for areas that allow people to sit indoors, but the windows and doors are kept open. Without an outdoor air curtain, however, there is the issue with nearby traffic emissions, general pollution, and insects.

With an outdoor air curtain you seal off the area when the windows and doors are opened. Exterior air curtains help seal off the air that keeps out unwanted pollutants.

This feature is not only beneficial to bars and restaurants, but other food service areas, such as grocery stores. Having large doors open helps with the ventilation. Air doors keep a nice invisible partition to separate the two areas. This is all while remaining inviting to customers and allowing employees to move freely, which increases productivity.

Cold storage and Walk-in Freezers

An air curtain designed cold storage can control the vast difference between the internal and external temperatures. Improper calibration can cause frost buildup and unwanted moisture.

Every application is unique, so a trained professional should be able to assess your needs. They need to examine such factors such as what is being stored, temperatures on both sides of the door, and even how often the door opens.


Air curtains come with a variety of features, providing you with exactly the capabilities and requirements to meet your needs.

Some of our air curtain features include:

Sizes Available


Industrial applications not only use different engineering standards than the commercial variations of the curtain, but the most obvious is the size. The most common sizes for industrial air curtains are 72″, 96″, 120″, 144″, and 168 inches.

Of course these are the most common sizes requested. We offer many other sizes with customizable features for each one depending on the application.

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Air Curtain Supplier

berner air curtainWe are proud official representatives of Berner Air Curtains, or Berner International. Corporation. Based out of New Castle, Pennsylvania, Berner has been globally distributing their products since 1956. They are widely considered the best air curtains in the industry.

Over the last few years R. Williamson & Associates has been recognized as Berner’s Reps of the Year. Berner offers air doors for a variety of applications such as:

Frequently asked questions


Are air curtains effective?

Yes, air curtains are very effective. They create an invisible wall of air between two areas. This helps the HVAC system work less. Thus, reducing energy costs. They prevent bugs, flies, dust and other unwanted contaminants from entering. 

Do air curtains keep flies out?

Yes. Most flies and bugs cannot penetrate the air curtain’s air pressure.

Do air doors save energy?

Yes. By creating an air partition between two areas, it prevents outdoor air from entering and indoor air from escaping. This in turn saves energy and reduces overall costs.

What are air doors used for?

They are used for reducing energy costs and keeping unwanted containments out. Especially useful in areas where doors, as large as warehouse bay doors, remain open.

Serving the Greater Chicago, Illinois area

Once you have decided on the appropriate air curtains, R. Williamson & Associates can provide you air curtain price quote. We specialize in ones that fit a variety of business needs. We are also the official representative of Berner International covering Illinois, Wisconsin, & Indiana such as, but not limited to:


We can also send out a trained specialist to assess the area and make certain the proper unit is being used for your specific application. We run tests on-site to see how cost effective each model will be to assure maximum efficiency.

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We’ll be happy to help explain which model and make is best for your application.  

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